Improve Rent
Collection Efficiency

We have saved thousands of dollars in stamps, envelopes and checks since implementing ePayments in Propertyware.

Cody Chase, Director of Operations for Home Encounters, LLC

Propertyware gives property managers the tools to streamline the rent collections process as part of a robust accounting suite. This comprehensive, time-saving functionality will help you avoid costly mistakes and take the guesswork out of rent collection. From one screen, Propertyware’s Quick Collect feature makes entering non-electronic payments more efficient with intuitive features that enable you to search by payee, view a list of balances and credits by portfolio or individual home, enter full or partial payments. Accomplish much more with fewer steps and fewer clicks.

ePayments Provides Security and Flexibility

Tenants can make electronic payments securely using Propertyware’s integrated ePayments online payment system, powered by RealPage. ePayments provides you and your tenants with numerous benefits and promotes faster processing of transactions, allowing you to receive funds faster and improve your cash flow. You can also choose which payment types your business would like to accept, including single debit, recurring debit, scanned check conversion (consumer check, money orders, etc.) and credit cards.

Tenants now have a choice when determining how they make their payments. They can also pay their rent securely online using a web browser or mobile device. Automated e-mail alerts remind them when rent is due. Payments are automatically posted to the corresponding tenant ledger, saving your staff time and eliminating duplicate data entry. So give your tenants the flexible options they demand and free up your staff to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Tenant Portal Expedites the Payment Process

Property owners and managers are increasingly discovering the added value that tenant portals provide to their community and to the bottom line. Propertyware’s tenant portals have an easy-to-use interface that expedites rent payment and other administrative fee payments online without the need for specialized instructions. Tenants can feel comfortable making online payments through a secure environment. They can also use their online payment history in the event of any related dispute or administrative error. The tenant portal also provides a means to submit maintenance requests, maintain fluid communications, and access certain lease-related documents.

Optimize Revenue Management

Tracking all ancillary income is essential for maintaining optimum revenue management with your properties. Propertyware’s revenue management features enable you to track income from other sources such as laundry rooms, rentable items, vending machines, special events and more. Revenue management helps you optimize operational costs and, ultimately, can help you present a better balance sheet for lending needs or property sales.

Calculate Late Fees Automatically

Propertyware helps improve the enforcement of your late fee rules. Choose from numerous late fee rules including flat rate, percentage, daily, or sliding amounts based on the number of late days. You even have the flexibility to use a combination of fee rules that best suit your property. Additional options include fee waivers and maximum fee limits. Your late fees are instantly calculated and auto-generated notifications are sent to management staff and tenants via email and tenant portals. The integrated revenue management tool also identifies and categorizes additional income generated by late fees for easier distribution to owners and management companies.