Automate Your Renewals, Move Ins and Move Outs

Propertyware helps you stay on top of your tenant relations and ahead of the competition with complete automation. Powerful tools help you organize your lease agreements, notify you of important dates and help you stay on top of tasks associated with moving tenants in and out of units.

Lease Management

Stay on top of your lease agreements. Propertyware lets you take command with customizable views of your leases that include powerful communication tools. You’ll never have to worry about missing an important lease date, thanks to customizable email notifications that can notify management staff and/or tenants about important events.

Rent Bumps, Renewals and Mass Updates

We’ve all heard that it’s more cost effective to retain the customers you have rather than replacing them with new ones. In property management, this may or may not be the right strategy. Either way, Propertyware provides tools to automate rent bumps and lease renewals with the forms to communicate changes to tenants. These tools include automated alerts to remind you and your tenants of upcoming lease expirations as well as a means to include leasing and lease renewal fees in the same easy renewal process. We’ll even provide you incredible time-saving tools to mass update your leases from one screen using Grid Edit.


Be guided through the move in process from prospect to occupied unit. Follow our standard process or create your own custom workflow complete with management fees and automatic activation of a Tenant Portal account.


Nobody likes losing a customer. In property management, efficiently moving a tenant out of a unit can have a big impact on your bottom line. Turn over your units in record time with tools that help you manage everything from inspections to security deposit refunds.

CRP Forms

Landlords managing properties in states such as Wisconsin, Minnesota and Nebraska are required to provide tenants with an annual Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) form. Propertyware simplifies the task with completed integrated forms that you can generate with one click and make available in your Tenant Portal.