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A Smooth Move Out Starts With a Well-Planned Move In

Thinking about a tenant’s move-out process before they even move in may feel like putting the cart before the horse, but property owners and managers should use the pre-lease interactions with a prospect to clarify aspects covering the entire life of the lease. Smart planning and precautionary measures now will help contribute to an easier – and cheaper – transition at the end of the tenancy. (more…)

Quick Guide to Rental Property Inspection Software

“Whether you hire a professional or conduct the inspections yourself, it’s critical to regularly assess and track the condition of your rental property.”(Zillow) Whether it’s a seasonal inspection or one that you complete as your tenants move out, property inspection software can help you document property concerns and become a better property management company. (more…)

How to Stay on Track with Property Inspection Software

property inspection app

While most inspections seem routine, they’re all critically important to the wellbeing of tenants and properties. By taking advantage of the right tools, you can thoroughly document your inspection process to ensure that both your business and your renters are protected. Here’s how to stay on track with property inspection software: (more…)

Labor-Saving Property Inspection Technique: Simplify Rental Property Management

Labor-Saving Property Inspection Technique

When you work in rental property management, you need to understand what’s happening at all of your properties, both with your tenants and with your buildings. Managing rental properties is a huge job, and the time and expense of ongoing property inspections and follow up maintenance can seem wearing. Property Casualty sums up the typical feelings about inspections, stating that “property inspection is stressful, complicated and can be downright miserable.” However, inspections are essential if you’re going to keep your property management running smoothly. How can you keep inspections from feeling onerous and ensure that property maintenance stays on track? (more…)

How to Choose a Home Inspector for Your Rental Property

How to Choose a Home Inspector for Your Rental Property

In your quest to manage many properties, a home inspector can be your greatest ally. Whether you’re managing a move or simply need to check in on a property, a home inspector gives you the experienced advice you need to make wise decisions about property management. Maintain your properties well with these home inspection tips for property managers. (more…)

Are You Getting the Right Mobile Solutions for Your Property Management Business Needs?

property management business

Is your business mobile? As you work to develop your property management company, flexible tools can help you bring your business online to serve your tenants, owners, and employees. (more…)

Hyperlapse: New Way to Showcase Your Community Using Mobile Technology

I’m all about using visuals to market rental properties, which is probably why I’ve been locked into Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app that launched last week. Hyperlapse uses Instagram’s in-house stabilization to shoot polished, time-lapse videos (which were previously impossible to do without using a tripods or expensive video equipment). (more…)

Deck Safety Month Means Time for Deck Checks

Deck Safety Month for Rental Housing

It’s been a long, cold, and crazy winter for the majority of the United States and we’re all ready to head outside to enjoy some decent weather for a change. If your properties have any sort of attached deck (elevated, especially), now is the time to have them inspected so everyone can gear up for a fun and safe summer. (more…)


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