Rental Property Maintenance Vendor Management System

How to Manage Relationships with Rental Property Maintenance Providers

With the possible exception of keeping properties leased, nothing occupies more space in your mind than rental property maintenance. And how you manage it often makes the difference between contented tenants and constant complainers, between praising your team and yelling at them. The good news is that you can avoid most of the hassles and headaches by simply taking full advantage of your property management software. (more…)

Problem Contractor? 4 Ways Your Property Management System Can Help

Property management system can help

It’s the end of the week and you’re getting ready to go home, when you get a call. The contractor hasn’t shown up to a job, and your tenants are annoyed. Did you forget to call the contractor, or is there a problem with the person you’ve hired to do the job? If you’re having trouble juggling the needs of your tenants and what your contractors can do, a property management system can help. (more…)

How to Attach a Work Order to a Bill in Propertyware

Propertyware can track assets associated with your property, like appliances, down to the individual units. Each asset can be customized to further track warranty information, primary vendor and other attachments, like work orders. The next time you have an appliance that needs service, attach the asset to your work order and dispatch it to vendors.  (more…)


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