Rental Property Marketing Tips and Tricks for Property Managers

6 Tips for Staging a Rental Property

staging rentals

Surprisingly, when it comes to rental properties, most property managers and landlords think that staging is irrelevant. But here’s a fact. Staging is not just for people who are looking to sell a home. Your prospective renters are looking for a home, not just a stark, vacant building. Moreover, when done the right way, staging rentals can help draw their attention to your property’s top assets and play down the drawbacks. (more…)

Green Rental Properties – Interview with Gary Wollenhaupt of ProudGreenHome

green rental property

“Through 2016, certain upgrades are eligible for tax credits, such as solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling systems, and specified types of water heaters.” Want to take advantage of these incentives and create green rental properties? Learn how in our interview with Gary Wollenhaupt of ProudGreenHome. (more…)

Property Management Marketing: Build a Strong Foundation

property management marketing

Do vacant properties keep you up at night? Your future tenants are out there, and they need to know about your properties. As a property manager, make sure that your company is at the top of its marketing game. Competition is fierce: these diverse tactics will help you build a strong property management marketing foundation so you can find tenants for your single-family homes. (more…)

5 Tips for Providing an Informative Property Management Blog

Property management

Starting a property management blog can be overwhelming, but has huge benefits for your business. In fact, blogging is one of the most important actions you can take to keep your website up-to-date and make sure your tenants informed.

Here are 5 ways you can use a blog to help turn site visitors into tenants: (more…)

5 Photography Tips to Improve Your Rental Listings

photography tips for property managers

As a property manager, you’ve written many listings for your properties and taken quite a few photographs. You know photos are important to your prospective tenants because they help sell your property in a way that words alone cannot. According to Rentalutions, “96% of (tenants) begin their search online.” How can you make sure your pictures tell the story of your property and draw in prospective tenants? Take a look at our  photography tips for property managers and help turn website visitors into new tenants who are ready to move in. (more…)

Rental Property Management Hacks You’ll Love

Rental property management hacks

The success of your business rests on the systems you have in place. When you have the right processes behind your business, you can focus on improving and expanding your rental properties. If you don’t have effective processes, your business can falter. Check out these property management hacks that will give your business a boost. (more…)

How Lead Tracking Can Increase the Success of Your Rental Property Management Business

rental property management

Who are your tenants? When you’re looking for leads, you need to understand your tenants, their needs, and how they find your rental property management business. You have many different interactions with tenants, and these can be difficult to track. Focus on achieving your business goals with lead tracking tools that increase the success of your rental property management. (more…)

Rental Property Management: Customer Service Across the Generations

generation family

Your rental property management business strives to provide good customer service. But have you thought about what this means for interactions between you and to your customers? If you’ve ever found that your customer service team hits the mark with some customers but not with others, consider the possibility of a generation gap. How can you make sure that your customer service achieves excellence for people from many different generations? (more…)

7 Blogging Tips for Your Property Management Websites

Blogging Tips for Your Property Management Sites

Quality content and blog articles on your property mangement website is critical to building a connection between you and your readers and driving traffic to your website. With your blog posts you can dispense useful pieces of information to your current and prospective tenants which will help establish yourself as an authority in your field. Here’s how to shape the content of your property management blog. (more…)

Giving your Residents that Ultimate Backyard Experience

Outdoor amenities that fell by the wayside during the housing downturn a few years ago are making a comeback now that the economy has improved. (more…)


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