Tools for Rental Property Management Fees

Simplify the Fee Management of Your Rental Property Management Business

Rental property management business

Money, money, money: is your fee management structure for your rental property management business working for you? Many fee structures and payment systems are frustrating to build, track, and understand. The more time you spend collecting property management fees, the less you have to spend on marketing, maintenance, and owner and tenant interactions. Forbes states that a streamlined fee structure and payment system is essential to your business: “Whether you receive payment for services and goods today, or the next month, can be a significance difference for your company’s operations.” How can you bring your fee management systems to the next level? (more…)

Find Additional Revenue Streams by Unbundling your Service Fees

Find Additional Revenue

Guest blogger:

Melissa Prandi, RPM MPM, president & CEO, PRANDI Property Management, Inc., CRMC

The right management company will almost make property owners forget they own an investment property. That’s when the ship is being steered swiftly through the waters, keeping assets occupied, residents happy, expenses in line and rent payments fluid. (more…)


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