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A Smooth Move Out Starts With a Well-Planned Move In

Thinking about a tenant’s move-out process before they even move in may feel like putting the cart before the horse, but property owners and managers should use the pre-lease interactions with a prospect to clarify aspects covering the entire life of the lease. Smart planning and precautionary measures now will help contribute to an easier – and cheaper – transition at the end of the tenancy. (more…)

Property Manager Training is Key to PMC Growth

property manager training

“About a third of workers say they don’t have the education and training they need to get ahead, and many are trying to do something about it.” Property Management Insider. How can you ensure that your property management company can handle growth and change? Simple: property manager training is key.

Stress Free Property Management Series Overview

stress free property management

Is Stress Free Property Management a Myth?

While nobody can guarantee a stress-free job or even day, our rental property management software is specifically designed to simplify, automate and streamline the tasks rental property managers face every day. The result is more productive property managers and  happier tenants and property investors. (more…)

Why Owners Turn to Property Managers for Stress Free Property Management

Why Owners Turn to Property Managers for Stress Free Management

For a property owner who manages several homes on top of his or her day job, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Fixing all of the problems that arise in their properties and keeping them in pristine condition requires time, energy and talent, as does finding and retaining tenants. This is why property owners turn to property managers: they are looking for stress free property management. (more…)

The Cure for Property Management Zombies

“…nearly half of adults (46 percent) report lying awake at night due to stress,” according to the American Psychological Association. Is rental property management turning you into a stressed-out zombie? (more…)

Rental Property Management is Changing: Are You Keeping Up?

rental property management

“…to best meet today’s customers’ expectations, the smartest service teams are making use of specially-designed software and apps on smart devices like iPads, smartphones and many other tools that are coming onto the playing field daily. Doing so can deliver benefits for managers and occupants alike, including a 45 percent increase in productivity and a 44 percent jump in efficiency.” (NREI Online) In rental property management, owners and tenants expect service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (more…)

Enter the Rental Property Management Olympics

rental property management

Get ready, get set, and…juggle a question from a vendor on the phone while managing multiple email transactions and dealing with a challenging home inspection. Does property management feel like an Olympic event? With rental property management software, you can manage many of those repetitive tasks more efficiently, so you have time to focus on moving your business forward. Here’s how we can help.


4 Property Manager Tips to End Hectic Days

Reporting Options You Need in Today's Property Management Industry

It’s Monday morning at your property management office. You open your email, and you’re already overwhelmed. Then the phone rings. It’s a tenant, wondering why you haven’t scheduled that plumbing repair they’ve needed for a week. The next call is your plumber, explaining that they haven’t received payment for the last job and they need a check right now if they’re going to work on a new one. Your email is full of new tenant applications, questions about whether you can take on another property, and much more.


5 Productivity Tips for Property Managers

productivity tips property managers

While you aim to be productive, it’s easy to get bogged down by all of the responsibilities of your position in property management. Succeeding in the industry isn’t only about working more quickly, it’s about spending time more efficiently. Here are 5 productivity tips property managers can use to increase productivity and excel in their business: (more…)

Getting Started in Rental Property Management: Top 7 Considerations

Rental property management

Are you considering jumping into the growing market of rental property management? The Wall Street Journal states that “the number of single family homes occupied by renters has risen sharply since the financial crisis.” This has opened up new opportunities for investors and for those who would like to manage these properties. Read on to learn the steps to take to get started in rental property management. (more…)


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