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30 Top Excuses for Late Rent Payments – Online Solutions


How many excuses can be eliminated when you accept online rent payments?

“62 percent of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts, and a third of those under-savers have no savings account at all.” Go Banking Rates

When you accept rent payments online, you can eliminate many common excuses for late rental payments, reduce your financial stress, and reduce your need to pursue tenants with legal action.

Creating Mutual Attraction in Rental Property Marketing


In rental property marketing, this moment of attraction is key to renting your property to the right tenant. According to Real Estate View, to cultivate this attraction you must

“…make the home stand out. One of the most important things in obtaining a good tenant is to attract them in the first place and allow yourself a choice from a number of prospective renters.” (more…)

How to Target the 3 Most Critical Renter Moments


An article on Think with Google on how Smartphones have changed the purchase journey said:

“For today’s constantly connected consumers, shopping never sleeps. Whether making an everyday purchase or researching a big-ticket item, we reflexively turn to mobile. These I-want-to-buy moments are important for consumers, and they’re critical for brands.”

Are you taking advantage of these moments? (more…)

What Is Property Management Without Tenants?

property management

Without an effective approach to fulfill the needs of tenants, what is property management?

According to the National Renter Survey,

“One out of four (26%) single-family tenants plans to stay in place five years or more”

But this means that almost 74% plan to move on. Strong tenant management practices can help you avoid the costs of tenant turnover. (more…)

5 Inexpensive Ways to Attract New Tenants


As a property manager, one of your responsibilities is to find new tenants and keep vacancies at a minimum. While a low budget can make this a challenging prospect, a little bit of persistence and out-of-the-box thinking is all that you need to make it work.

To start with, here are five great ideas to help your rental property management company kick off your marketing campaign without spending a fortune. (more…)

Tenant Portals Expected by Renters for Self Service


“90 percent of customers worldwide expect businesses to provide online customer self-service portals.” Business 2 Community blog

Are you meeting your tenants’ expectations for a tenant portal?


Why Are Online Rental Application Processes Safer?

Why Are Online Rental Application Processes Safer

Roughly 56 percent of consumer traffic to the leading US websites is now from mobile devices.” State of the Mobile Web

Today, people live online, and they take that online world with them wherever they go. Make it easier and safer for your tenants to apply for your rentals with an online rental application process.


4 Ways Online Payments Benefit Tenants

4 Ways Online Payments Benefit Tenants

Your tenants lead hectic lives. A typical day might include bringing the kids to child care, going to work, running out to do errands at lunch time, and wrangling extracurriculars and meetings. With so much going on, rent payments may be the last thing on their minds, causing deadlines to be missed. This scenario is typical in rental housing, but can be avoided. Implementing a new rental payment system is a benefit to your business, and it also helps your tenants. (more…)

How to Keep Tenants Happy: A Cheat Sheet for Property Management Companies

keep tenants happy

When your tenants are content and treating your property well, life is much easier as a property manager. But how do you ensure they have a positive rental experience with your company? By investing time and energy in your properties and your tenants, you can improve the landlord-tenant relationship and keep tenants happy. (more…)

Handling Maintenance Emergencies: Tips to Improve Tenant Retention

maintenance emergencies and tenant retention

It’s 1am, and as your tenants sleep, the washing machine is finishing up its last load of the day. Unfortunately, the hose to the washing machine has broken. Water pours over the floor and makes its way into a storage closet where it seeps into boxes, causing damage to your tenants’ belongings. In the morning, your tenants discover that there’s been a flood and call to report the problem. Needless to say, they are unhappy- and your property management company needs to fix the problem. Can this story have a happy ending? What measures can you take handle maintenance emergencies and keep tenants happy? (more…)


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