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4 Things Millennials Want In Single Family Rental Properties

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Much has been said about the millennial generation. According to Pew Research, this group is made up of people born from the early to mid-1980s to the early 2000s. Millennials are in their early adulthood today, and this emerging market has different needs than previous generations. As millennials move into the rental market, do you know how to best reach them to market your single family rental properties? (more…)

6 Rental Property Management Hacks to Help You Avoid Office Time Wasters

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According to Forbes, “the number of people who now admit to wasting time at work every day has reached a whopping 89%.” Can you relate? Everyone has probably checked a personal email at work or spent too long chatting with a friend. While you won’t be focused all of the time, these work hacks will help you focus on moving your rental property management business forward. (more…)

Thought Leader Series: Blogging to Grow Your Property Management Business


There are many ways to effectively grow your business through online, print and localized advertising. One area that is often overlooked is blogging for property managers. Blogging can help grow your property management business, while giving you the ability to share your expertise, improve your reputation and provide better service to your customers in the process. Starting a blog for your property management business could be one of the best decisions you’ve made yet.  (more…)

5 Photography Tips to Improve Your Rental Listings

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As a property manager, you’ve written many listings for your properties and taken quite a few photographs. You know photos are important to your prospective tenants because they help sell your property in a way that words alone cannot. According to Rentalutions, “96% of (tenants) begin their search online.” How can you make sure your pictures tell the story of your property and draw in prospective tenants? Take a look at our  photography tips for property managers and help turn website visitors into new tenants who are ready to move in. (more…)

8 Things to Learn from Successful Property Managers

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When you are a property manager, filling vacancies and looking after properties are not the only things on your to-do list. You have to make sure your tenants are happy, the contractors are doing their job, and your actual clients – the property owners – are making money from their investment. To cut a long story short, life in property management is never dull…or easy. While a few property managers drop out after some years, unable to meet the long hours, never-ending stress, and hectic demands of the job, others manage to have it all. Ever wondered why? It’s because they have mastered these 8 secrets of being a successful property manager. Take a look! (more…)

Why Rental Property Management Needs Local Marketing and SEO

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Has your property management business captured the local buzz? Property management is a business that requires modern marketing techniques just like any other, and local marketing for property managers is key when you’re seeking to attract new prospects. As suggested by, a simplified approach to marketing can make it easier to take advantage of effective techniques and technologies. These community and web-based local business marketing ideas will help you maintain and make strides in connecting with prospective tenants in your area. (more…)

Two Checklists That Can Save Property Management Headaches

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It’s rental season, and you’re feeling overwhelmed. Several tenants are moving in at the same time, and then come the calls: the toilet isn’t running properly and the front gate needs attention. You’ve forgotten to get the deposit back to your tenants who were moving out, and they’re asking if there was a problem with the property. Are you having trouble keeping it all together and staying on top of the countless responsibilities? Rental checklists can save you from many property management headaches and keep your business on track. (more…)

Building a Facebook Audience for Your Rental Property Management Business

Building a Facebook Audience for Your Rental Property Management Business

When you’re building a Facebook audience, you need to know how to create a community of interested people that you can contact through social media. How can you use Facebook in a way that not only communicates with your online connections but actually generates leads for your rental property management business?   (more…)

Thought Leader Series: 3 Things to Automate in Your Marketing

Automate your marketing with Propertyware

As a property manager, you wear a lot of hats- including Accountant, Maintenance Expert, and Marketer. It can be challenging to find enough time to focus on any specific area of managing multiple properties, and it’s easy to let marketing fall by the wayside when you’re busy elsewhere. Thankfully, there are marketing automation tools that at least take some of the marketing work off of your shoulders. (more…)

Are Your Rental Leasing Contracts Up To Date?

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It’s the busiest time of the year: rent season. During this busy time, the details of rental agreements can be hard to track. Many properties and agreements must be updated. While you probably won’t forget to complete a move out property inspection, it’s possible that you’ll forget to update your documents for a new tenant. Making sure your leasing contracts are up to date will ensure that you start off on a clear footing with each new tenant. (more…)

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