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Top Trends in Rental Property Management

property management trends

For rental property management companies to succeed, it’s important to have an awareness of what’s going on in the industry. Are you up-to-date with the latest trends? In this article, we’ll explore which ones to keep top of mind. (more…)

Rental Property Management Will See Positive Impact From Brexit

rental property management

Will the British decision to leave the European Union (Brexit) impact your US-based property management business?


Community Involvement Pays Dividends

community involvement

Businesses exist to make money. It’s not a private company’s responsibility, per se, to contribute to the communities in which they do business; after all, you’re contributing just by providing a valuable service and paying taxes. So why voluntarily invest time and perhaps money in community projects or causes? Let’s address some concrete benefits first, since these are what usually drive a property management company to sponsor, say, a local Little League team or garbage clean-up day. (more…)

How to Protect Landscapes From Heavy Rains

landscape tips

Rain can be a rental property’s best remedy for many landscape problems. Many nutrients essential to the survival of trees, plants and grass are stored in those precious rain drops that fall from the sky in the spring, summer and fall. But too much of a good thing is not always what’s best when it comes to curb appeal. Heavy rain or over irrigation can leave rental housing landscapes looking sickly and poor. Sometimes, the signs won’t show until it’s almost too late, even after the landscape dries out. (more…)

6 Listing Photo Mistakes to Avoid

listing photo

When prospective tenants look at your online property listing, the first thing they do is look through the photos. In fact, many people do not even bother to check out a listing if it does not have photos. And if the photos you do have are of poor quality or thoughtlessly taken, you may lose a customer right there. Check your current listing photos to find out if they suffer from any of the following mistakes. (more…)

How Your Property Management Website Helps Brand Your Business

Property Management Website Helps in Branding Your Business

A business is more than a collection of people, a building, or a product—it’s a brand and a culture, as well. As a business manager, you know how important it is to have a property management website that draws in new opportunities. However, it’s the way you interact with tenants, owners, and properties on the ground that builds your business into a strong brand. (more…)

5 Actionable SEO Tips for Property Managers

Actionable SEO Tips for Property Managers

Chances are, you love properties more than you love marketing them online. However, in our digital world, you must reach out and find new owners and tenants online. Mastering SEO and pay per click (PPC) marketing strategies can help make your online marketing pain-free for your management company. Here are 5 practices to keep top of mind. (more…)

Is It Time to Update Your Property Management Programs?

Is It Time to Update Your Property Management Programs

Is it time for an upgrade? Updating your business practices can lead to better relationships with tenants, owners, and vendors. It also helps ensure that your properties shine. Deepen your understanding of your business and manage it more effectively with rental property management software. (more…)

5 Property Management Accounting Software Features to Consider

Property Management Accounting Software Features

Balancing the books may not be the favorite part of your day, but it’s what keeps your business going. As your business grows, you need rental property accounting software that helps you coordinate your accounts and provides a clear picture of your financial past and future. As you evaluate new property accounting software, look for a solution that helps you do the following: (more…)

The Benefits of Your Property Management Company Partnering with Related Businesses

Property Management Company Can Benefit from Partnering with Related Businesses

Your business is strong alone, but it could be stronger if you worked together with other businesses in your community. From landscapers to plumbers, you already have relationships with those who help you maintain and organize your properties. By your property management company partnering with these businesses, key benefits are experienced by all parties.  (more…)


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