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5 Skills That All Property Managers Need

Skills That All Property Managers Need

The best property managers know how to apply a broad skillset to the unique situations they encounter. They move with ease into situations that require strong communication, negotiation, customer service, and organizational skills. Property managers also have the ability to manage more tangible property-related concerns, such as maintenance and repair issues.

Here are five essential property manager skills that all property managers must develop in order to excel in the field: (more…)

4 Ways Online Payments Benefit Tenants

4 Ways Online Payments Benefit Tenants

Your tenants lead hectic lives. A typical day might include bringing the kids to child care, going to work, running out to do errands at lunch time, and wrangling extracurriculars and meetings. With so much going on, rent payments may be the last thing on their minds, causing deadlines to be missed. This scenario is typical in rental housing, but can be avoided. Implementing a new rental payment system is a benefit to your business, and it also helps your tenants. (more…)

Property Management Insurance: A Beginner’s Guide

property management insurance

From injuries to errors, your property management company could be liable for an entire list of potential problems. Here’s how to make sure you’re covered by property management insurance so that you can have peace of mind and manage your business with confidence.  (more…)

7 Real Estate Marketing Ideas You Should Be Using

Real Estate Marketing Ideas You Should Be Using

When it comes to real estate marketing, you’re challenged to make some smart moves. After all, your marketing budget and your time are both limited. You need to have a strategy to determine where you’ll focus your marketing and how wide a net you’ll cast as you’re looking for new tenants. These real estate marketing ideas will help you bring your property marketing to the next level. (more…)

Property Management Website Design: 8 Essential Elements

Property Management Website Design 8 Essential Elements

What is the foundation of your website? A strong web presence can draw in new tenants, selling them on properties even before they visit them in person. Whether you’re building a website for the first time or you’re renewing and rebranding an existing site, you need to consider the building blocks of a successful property management company website. Make sure that you include these 8 essential elements in your property management website design: (more…)

Your Property Management Company & Foreclosures: Property Preservation Opportunity?

Foreclosures Property Preservation Opportunity

There are many scenarios that lead to foreclosure, but ultimately, it’s due to the owner’s inability to pay for that home over time. This challenging situation plays out in communities across the country: according to RealtyTrac, “0.82 percent of all U.S. housing units (one in every 122) had at least one foreclosure filing in 2015.” What happens to these homes between the foreclosure and the sale? They still need maintenance, and your property management company can help preserve these properties for their future owners. (more…)

The Growing Economy And Your Property Management Company

The Growing Economy And Your Property Management Company

Everyone needs a home, but where people move and what properties they choose to live in depends on market conditions. Whether the economy is up or down, you need to have a flexible and supportive system for managing your properties. With this in place, you can easily accommodate business growth within your property management company as the economy changes and set yourself up for success. (more…)

5 Productivity Tips for Property Managers

productivity tips property managers

While you aim to be productive, it’s easy to get bogged down by all of the responsibilities of your position in property management. Succeeding in the industry isn’t only about working more quickly, it’s about spending time more efficiently. Here are 5 productivity tips property managers can use to increase productivity and excel in their business: (more…)

Building a Stronger Business: The Benefits of Residential Property Management Software

Residential Property Management Software

Are you looking for ways to make your property management business stronger? Modern technology can provide a great support system. Here’s how residential property management software can boost your business: (more…)

What Will Your Property Management Business Look Like in 5 Years?

property management business goals

What dreams do you have for your property management business? To get the results you’re looking for in the future, you need to plan now and invest in the technology you need for growth. Here are key ways to prepare your business for long-term success. (more…)


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