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How to Target the 3 Most Critical Renter Moments


An article on Think with Google on how Smartphones have changed the purchase journey said: “For today’s constantly connected consumers, shopping never sleeps. Whether making an everyday purchase or researching a big-ticket item, we reflexively turn to mobile. These I-want-to-buy moments are important for consumers, and they’re critical for brands.”

What Is Property Management Without Tenants?

property management

According to the National Renter Survey, “One out of four (26%) single-family tenants plans to stay in place five years or more.” But this means that almost 74% plan to move on. Strong tenant management practices can help you avoid the costs of tenant turnover. (more…)

How a Blog Can Improve Your Rental Property Website


Should your property management company create a blog? According to Hubspot, “Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published between 0 – 4 monthly posts.” Make your rental property website better: add value by creating a blog. (more…)

5 Inexpensive Ways to Attract New Tenants


As a property manager, one of your responsibilities is to find new tenants and keep vacancies at a minimum. While a low budget can make this a challenging prospect, a little bit of persistence and out-of-the-box thinking is all that you need to make it work.

To start with, here are five great ideas to help your rental property management company kick off your marketing campaign without spending a fortune. (more…)

Fire Safety Recommendations for Property Management

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Choosing whether to sleep with a bedroom door open or closed could impact on fire preparedness. “25 percent of home fire deaths occur from fires that originate in in sleeping rooms”, according to the National Fire Protection Association. This means your tenants may be better protected from the dangers of fire if they sleep with bedroom doors closed. (more…)

Why CPAs Hate Property Management Accounting Software

property management accounting software

According to Accounting Web, disruptive automation of the accounting business is here, and
“accounting software is poised to eliminate accountants.” With property management accounting software, you don’t need an accountant to generate data on the financial side of your business – you can do it yourself. (more…)

Tenant Portals Expected by Renters for Self Service

“90 percent of customers worldwide expect businesses to provide online customer self-service portals.” Business 2 Community blog

Are you meeting your tenants’ expectations for a tenant portal?


Winter Already? Rental Property Furnace Maintenance Tips

furnace maintenance

Ongoing furnace maintenance can help you prevent large-scale problems with your properties’ heating systems. Here’s what to look for as you work to maintain your furnaces this year!

Mastering Online Tenant Payments for Single Family


Single family property management companies have much to gain from using online payment options. Instead of chasing down checks during rent week, property managers can easily track which tenants have paid, and when, using an online system. This fast, convenient option is also ideal for tenants who can choose their preferred payment option and pay rent on their own schedule. (more…)

3 Ways to Keep Rental Property Owners Happy


There are already 22.6 million landlords in the US, and every day there are 544 new ones*. As a property management company, what’s the secret to managing this business relationship, and why is it important?


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