3 Tips to Start Building Your Leads Pipeline

Peak Leasing Season Is Coming 4 Tips to Start Building Your Leads Pipeline

The busiest time of year is almost here: peak leasing season! As spring arrives and families, students, and other tenants begin to think about what their plans are for the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer, they often begin to look for a new home. These four tips will help you develop a strong leads pipeline so that when your tenants move out, more will move in quickly.

1. Clean Up

To attract new tenants to your property, you need to make sure that property is looking its best. Regular inspections  should be done throughout the year, but they are particularly important before the spring rental season. According to Strategic Investment Realty, “as real estate investors, it’s also important to understand that regular, routine inspections and preventative maintenance are also crucial for you and your rental properties’ overall success.” Connect with contractors to perform regular seasonal maintenance and fix any major problems before you photograph and prepare to list a property.

2. Update Your Property Listings

As properties become available, you need to update your property listings on popular online property listing services. Consider the full spectrum of free and paid listing services. If you can, survey your incoming tenants to see how they learned about your property. That way, you will know what listing services yield the most leads for your business, and you can focus on promoting through those venues rather than updating many different listing sites.

peak rental season is coming

Your listings should be visual and explore the benefits of each property, not just the features and amenities. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective tenant and consider what might appeal to them about the property and neighborhood. Benefits might include easy access to transit or an exceptional community feel. Choose software that features easy-to-use posting tools to keep your property listings current and update your website with ease.

3. Connect Online

Many tenants begin their home search online, making it important to develop a strong web presence. Your website should help connect prospective tenants connect with your business through text and visuals, but you need to help those tenants get to your site first. Work with a search engine professional to help your website rise to the top in your local search engine rankings. You can also use social media to amplify your message, reach new prospects and engage with current residents. A well-designed website should have visuals and clips about each property that translate well to prominent social media sites such as Facebook.

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