‘Speed Rounds’ will add some pep to Monday afternoon at RealWorld

speed rounds

The Propertyware track at RealWorld has a Monday afternoon pick-me-up in store.

New in 2015, the fast-paced “Propertyware Speed Rounds” will team up audience members to compete and collaborate on tasks, trivia, and idea-sharing. You may not even have time to finish your caffeine-charged latte.

Hosted by quick-witted emcee Russ Webb, this new  twist on a typical session is designed to build camaraderie among peers, provide new perspectives into your business, and deliver you with a unique and “edu-taining” experience.

Webb has hosted similar sessions multiple times at other industry events, and they have been so popular with the audiences that many participants bring their own props in anticipation of what he will ask.

property management

Webb is Vice President of the Atlanta and Georgia Apartment Associations, and is a self-proclaimed techno geek. He serves as Chief Imagination Officer for The Real Geeks, a technology news and review website, and teaches classes inside and outside the apartment industry on how the advanced functionality of smart devices can make life more efficient. He’ll emcee “Propertyware Speed Rounds” from his iPad, which seldom leaves his hands.

In addition, he will share his tips and tricks to better utilize calendars, contacts, to-do lists and notes, plus talk about the “must have” apps for the business world in another session called “’My Smart Device Can Do What?!?’ at RealWorld this year.

“There’s nothing that can’t be done from your iPad,” said Webb. “The biggest thing, is you have no idea how productive that smart device that you’re holding can be. I tell everybody and they go, ‘Oh, yeah.’ And I’m like, you don’t understand.”


So figure there will be some talk about smart devices during the Speed Rounds. And you can bet there will be other entertaining topics for the audience. In fact, Webb gave us a sneak preview that includes, “Something You Would Use to Fix a TENANT’S Problem,”,“Something You Would Use to Fix an OWNER’S Problem,”and “Dr. Seuss® Trivia.”

Have we intrigued you? Is Horton hearing a Who?

Once you enter the room, the rules go like this:

  1. Don’t talk about Game!
  2. No bumping, jabbing, hitting, biting, scratching, tripping, elbowing, thumping, head bumping, pinching or smacking of any kind WHAT-SO-EVER!
  3. You must have your team number with you to be counted and earn points!!!
  4. Have FUN!!!!


By the way, Webb is a die-hard fan of M&M’s® and even has a room in his home dedicated to the sweet treat.

Better bring some M&M’s so he doesn’t get cranky. And they might even give you that extra Monday afternoon energy boost. But we doubt you’ll need it!


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