Successful User Huddle Continues to Engage Customers

User Huddle

Long after the first-ever User Huddle concluded at this year’s RealWorld in San Diego, users are still abuzz with talk about the new upgrades to Propertyware. For the first time ever, Propertyware invited customers to huddle in person with the developers, designers and marketers behind the web-based property management software and collaborate on the product roadmap.

During this time, the Propertyware team unveiled multiple innovations in an interactive gallery, giving customers exclusive glimpses of what’s coming and an even more exclusive opportunity to influence the direction of the product.

For instance, a long-time Propertyware customer quickly became drawn to the new user-friendly website product. The customer nodded his approval and two weeks later, the order was in.

“You can change out pictures, logos, anything really easily,” touted Customer Success Manager Brandon Peugh. “Anybody can use this.”

User Huddle

Propertyware also staffed key team members for a variety of round-table discussions. Anything from product support to on-boarding to digital marketing was discussed at length, giving customers a platform for sharing what they liked, disliked, didn’t need or had to have to help make day-to-day operations better.

Propertyware Director of Product Management Aaron Brady listened.

“It was great seeing customers sit down and talk passionately with their peers and Propertyware team members about ideas to improve,” he said. “Each of our 5 discussion tables were extremely busy with many of the discussions continuing past our scheduled time.”

“Propertyware customers have such great insights into where we can improve and the entire Propertyware team left inspired. Today, we have designers, developers and product managers all actively working on many great ideas that were shared that day.”

User Huddle

User Huddle sets stage for engaging customer feedback long-term

The Propertyware User Huddle was just one example of how Propertyware is actively engaging its customer base in an effort to improve, but to make it the most flexible property management solution on the market today.

Even though a few of the features, such as eSignature, had been rolled out,  customers got a sneak preview of upcoming changes to owner and tenant experiences as well as planned payment services and a freshened user interface.

“I’ve got a ton of positive feedback from employees and customers that this was the best session they’ve ever attended,” he said. “We’re already acting quickly on feedback we’ve received from the session. It was very successful and we are planning to bring the User Huddle back in 2016 to RealWorld (Las Vegas, July 17-19). Customers won’t want to miss it.”

User Huddle

Partner with Propertyware for roadmap to successful property management

With many new faces on the Propertyware team, Brady said a key takeaway from the User Huddle was direct feedback, strengthening customer relations, and ensuring that its growing support team was being properly aligned to better serve its users.

“This is a cross functional team,” Brady said. “We are now working together from sales to support to designers to engineers to product managers. All of us work together on one cross functional team.”

He said the team will continue to assess feedback to help create a more seamless customer experience. Having a full understanding of customer needs will help Propertyware evolve.

“It’s more than modernizing and updating Propertyware,” Brady said. “The whole idea of the User Huddle was to improve with way we are engaging with our customer and share the direction of where we’re going.”

Brady said customers should get used to more engagement from the Propertyware team in its quest to help create a better property management experience.


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