Improving Property Budgeting

If you don’t have a property accounting software platform that can help you improve your property budgeting, you are missing out on the potential for greater profitability.  Propertyware’s integrated accounting suite enables you to create budgets for single properties, or your entire portfolio, with a quick and easy setup.  With Propertyware’s accounting suite, you can compare budgeted to actual income with expenses and generate custom reports revealing opportunities for reduced operational costs and additional revenue.

Manage Vendors and Control Property Expenses

Controlling property expenses is a critical responsibility for your entire management team.  Propertyware simplifies the job of tracking expenses and managing vendor payments, while ensuring that each bill gets paid on time and for the proper amount.  In addition, with instant accessibility to historical records and vendor account notes, Propertyware accounting helps you eliminate the risk of making duplicate payments or overpaying on a vendor remittance.

You can also enhance your vendor management through features allowing your staff to rate and comment on vendor services—which, according to your personalized vendor restriction settings, may be accessed by designated members of your team for future reference.    Finally, Propertyware accounting gives you the ability to add and automatically calculate a mark-up to your vendor bills, further maximizing your profit potential.

Organize and Locate Property Bills Faster

Propertyware offers a number of options for organizing your property bill payment process.  You can create one-time and recurring bills in a matter of seconds, and distribute expenses across multiple portfolios or individual properties.  In addition to organizing your bills by portfolio or other categories, the robust global search feature makes it possible to quickly retrieve a bill and its payment history.

Easy bill payment allows you to automatically pay a bill at the time it is created or view a list of bills to pay and use relevant filters to efficiently select those that are ready for payment.  Bills can be created directly from a work order or inspection record, and tenant charges can be created directly from a bill, enhancing the work flow process and saving precious time.

Create and Print Checks Online

Dispense with the tedium of handwriting checks and making copies for your files.  Propertyware gives you the ability to automate the check writing and printing process by managing your accounts payable through its accounting software.  You have the option of printing checks on various styles of pre-printed check stock or using blank check stock.  Either way, Propertyware will print the necessary bank MICR line and remaining check details, saving you save time and third-party printing costs with Propertyware’s integrated accounting solutions.