Call Tracking for Better
Leasing Decisions

Every property management team’s goal is to get the phone ringing with quality leads. But what happens when the calls start coming in? Propertyware can help. Propertyware is able to track every call through the entire selling process for optimum prospect management, regardless of whether your incoming call leads are generated through print media, internet listing services, property websites, property visits, social media or word-of-mouth.

Maximize Your Marketing Spend with an Integrated Call Tracking System

Do you know how much you are spending per lead, or, more importantly, per lease? Propertyware’s integrated call tracking system monitors and records incoming prospect phone calls and tracks how they found your listings. You no longer need to dig through applications to find out which advertising sources are working. Instead, every lead will be tracked and every advertising source will be measured to give you a complete picture of your marketing performance. And, because information flows seamlessly through Propertyware, you can track these results from the first phone call all the way through to a successfully executed lease.

How Call Tracking Works

Each advertising source identified in Propertyware’s integrated call tracking system receives a unique phone number. Incoming calls are automatically routed to the unique phone number, and Propertyware instantly generates a prospect file based on this new information. After this information is captured, it can be used to:

•    Assign prospects to leasing agents
•    Schedule showings on a shared calendar
•    Generate lease applications online
•    Measure results to track the best advertising sources

The result is enhanced transparency into the leasing process for your team, enabling you to maximize the impact of your marketing budget by reaching as many prospects as possible.

Call Tracking Monitors Leasing Staff Performance

In addition to tracking calls, event scheduling and lead management, the Propertyware integrated call tracking system can also assist with monitoring and improving the performance of your leasing staff. For example, many property managers use the system as a core training tool to help familiarize new staff with sales protocols and to help maintain quality control by listening to recorded conversations and enforcing best practices.