Collaborate and Communicate

Propertyware brings the power of social networking into your property management solution to connect tenants, owners and management staff seamlessly.


The property management business is centered around managing a wide variety of conversations between members of your management staff, tenants, owners and vendors. How do you track these communications today? Emails, faxes or sticky notes on your desk? Unfortunately, in the business of property management everything needs to be properly documented to reduce your risk and increase accountability.

Fortunately, there is a better solution. Propertyware Conversations gives you a private social network between your coworkers, tenants and owners. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of communicating with your staff in real-time via the web or their smart phone. More importantly, all of these conversations are conveniently attached to the appropriate record in Propertyware and archived for future reference.

Letter Writing

Propertyware includes a gallery of dozens of standard communication forms that can be used with your tenants, owners and vendors. These templates can be customized or new ones can be created in minutes with merge fields from the various entities in Propertyware. Every communication from marketing your vacancies, to collecting money owed, is available in one centrally-managed location for your entire team to use.

Sticky Notes

We’re all used to sticky notes on file folders and documents to call attention to important reminders or information. Why should your property management solution be any different? Propertyware offers sticky notes that can be attached to any record with a pop-up notification for those who view it in the future. Just one example of the hundreds of smart features built from listening to our customers.

Activity Tracking and Audit Log

Accountability is one of the cornerstones of property management. If  communication isn’t properly documented, it could put you at risk. Propertyware has you covered by automatically tracking all your communications with tenants, owners, vendors and management staff in one convenient and shared location. You can even report on these activities and be notified by email when they occur.

Outlook and Google Sync

If you use Outlook to store and schedule your calendar, no problem. Propertyware provides a synchronization tool that allows you to exchange information (contacts, calendar events, and tasks) between Propertyware and Outlook. Now all of your appointments are automatically synced, ensuring you always have the information you need, when and where you need it.  We also offer syncing tools for Google’s business applications like Google Docs, Google Calendar and beyond.