Go Paperless. Save the Planet and Money.

The days of file cabinets overtaking your management office are over. Eliminate the clutter in your office, make your management team more productive and save money by becoming a greener business. Propertyware’s powerful document management will make an immediate impact to your team’s productivity.

Simplify Document Management

Propertyware organizes all your documents. Users can easily upload content and organize it by the appropriate record. Also share files with residents and owners in customer portals, and manage file permissions. The result: Propertyware customers are more productive with happier customers.

Access Documents Offline

Propertyware brings all of your important documents, photos and videos together and automatically organizes them in our web application, your desktop and smart phone. Either upload your documents to the appropriate object in Propertyware, or install our desktop Doc Sync solution that synchronizes all your files into the web application automatically. Propertyware Doc Sync creates folders on your computer that are associated with all your properties, leases, contacts and vendors. Simply drag and drop your documents into the folders you desire and it’s uploaded automatically the next time you connect to the web.

Secure Your Data

Have you ever considered what would happen to your business if a fire or natural disaster struck? If your important information is sitting in a file cabinet, this type of event could put you out of business. Avoid this risk by having your data and documents securely in the Propertyware cloud. Your data is backed up daily in our SAEE 16 data center and application configurable access controls. If your computer has a meltdown, your data is always safe in Propertyware and can be restored in a snap.