Hassle-Free Collections and Payments

Do you dread rent week? Does the time 
you spend each month collecting and entering checks make you crazy? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not with Propertyware’s ePayments Solution! Propertyware ePayments is a suite of web-based electronic payment processing solutions that makes collecting rent fast and easy. Differentiate your properties by offering your tenants a variety of ways to pay rent.

Give owners the convenience of receiving their disbursements electronically. ePayments is completely integrated with Propertyware Accounting, meaning all data is entered once and only once, decreasing the amount of time spent entering data and reducing the chance of error. Best of all, Propertyware ePayments is powered by RealPage Payments, which is both NACHA and PCI Compliant.

Support Multiple Methods of Payment

Propertyware ePayments allows you to choose which payment types you would like to accept. Supported forms of payment include electronic checks/ACH (single debit and recurring debit), check conversion (consumer check, money orders), and credit cards.

Collect Rent Electronically

Propertyware ePayments work with your self-service Tenant Portal where tenants can view a ledger, pay rent with a single or recurring debit to a bank account or card. You eliminate needless trips to the bank and offer more options to tenants. More options mean happier tenants.

Automate Owner Disbursements and Contributions

Need funds from your owners or need to disburse payments? Propertyware makes it easy for an owner to check their balance and make contributions to their portfolio balance by credit card or electronic check (ACH). These online payments and disbursements are completely integrated with Propertyware’s owner ledger and do not require double entry of data. Propertyware will even automatically notify your owners via email when funds have been added to their accounts or when tenants have given notice to move out. Now that’s smart.

Pay Vendors on Time, Every Time

ePay is also a great way to pay your vendors. You’ll save on postage and checks while enhancing vendor relationships. Propertyware will automatically notify your vendors of pending payments. It’s just one more option for streamlining process and running your business smarter.