Fee Calculation Made Easy

Fee managers are faced with many challenges when managing properties for other owners. Every month you spend countless hours calculating management fees to charge your owners, preparing statements and cutting disbursement checks. The process can be cumbersome, frustrating and error prone. The more time you spend performing these calculations and preparing reports, the less time you spend generating new business and filling vacancies. Propertyware Accounting automates many of these time-consuming fee management tasks, which will help your business manage more properties without hiring more management staff.

Automate the Process and Save Time

Our sophisticated management rules enable tracking, markups, balance minimums and “one-time” fees. Define your own calculations and descriptions and store them for each transaction. You can even track commissions for a 1099 employee.Once management fees have been calculated, owner statements can be generated, printed and sent with the click of a button.

Give Owners Real-Time Visibility

Save time and money by “going green” with electronic owner statements. Propertyware lets you eliminate the paper and automate the entire process of creating owner statements with just a couple clicks. Choose from dozens of statement types that can be easily customized with your logo, messaging and much more. Your owners can choose if they’d like to receive statements via mail, email or directly from their Owner Portal. Owners can even choose from the statement type they prefer, allowing you to personalize the services offered to each customer. Now that’s smart!

Automate FTB (Franchise Tax Board) Withholdings, 1099s and 1096s

California property management companies who collect residential rent for out-of-state owners are now required to withhold and remit seven (7%) percent of the rent when the rent exceeds $1500 for the calendar year. Propertyware allows you to process and track this withholding and make the necessary payments on behalf of your owners. Propertyware even creates both paper and electronic 1099 /1096 forms for your owners and vendors, making the end of the year a little more pleasant.