A Smooth Implementation Process for Property Management Teams

Propertyware has performed smooth data implementations for hundreds of property management companies for over a decade. Switching to a new platform can be challenging, but we strive to make it as easy as possible—and have it completed as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your business.

Propertyware Experts Guide You Every Step of the Way

All Propertyware customers are partnered with a personal Implementation Consultant (IC) who will guide you throughout the implementation process every step of the way. You don’t have to go it alone. Our experts work directly with you, side by side, to get your account properly configured to your unique business needs.

Outlining the Data Implementation Process

In order to assure as smooth an implementation as possible, we’ve structured the process into nine steps—with dates to be discussed between you and your IC—that include:

  1. Kick-off Call/Meeting
  2. Workbook and Data Collection (Completed and returned by customer by specified date)
  3. Checklist Call
  4. Data Review
  5. Data Migration (Goal: 10 Business Days to Complete)
  6. Account Review
  7. Resident & Owner Balance Entry (Optional)
  8. Final Account Review Call
  9. Bank Reconciliation Service Call (Occurs 1 month after full implementation)

What to Expect: From Kickoff to Bank Reconciliation

Once we’ve collected your essential information for the migration, we’ll set up your bank accounts, accounting preferences, management fee rules and more. After your account is properly configured and all the data is successfully migrated, we’ll review the account with you to help ensure all bases are covered.

The typical data import includes:

  • Portfolios and owners info
  • Buildings and units
  • Deposits held in escrow
  • Target rents and deposits
  • Monthly recurring scheduled billing charges
  • Beginning balances for owners and tenants

Typical Turnaround Times for Implementation

We understand how important your time is. That’s why our data migrations are structured to be thorough and expedient to reduce any interruptions in your day-to-day business functions. Our typical implementation can be accomplished in as little as 10-14 business days with your active participation. After the above data import is performed, we’ll configure the following:

  • Accounting preferences
  • Management fee settings
  • Late fee rules
  • Default bank account info
  • User profiles
  • User accounts
  • User alerts

Data Migration from Other Platforms

Making the transition from your current property management software has never been easier. We can successfully migrate all of your property, owner, tenant, and work order data into your new Propertyware account. Propertyware can help move your data over to the Propertyware clou. Prior to data migration, you will have the opportunity to audit your data and identify any anomalies. We can help migrate data from:

  • AppFolio
  • Tenant Pro
  • Manage IT
  • Management Plus
  • Property Manager EDGE

We’re fully confident that once you’ve made the switch to Propertyware, you’ll be amazed by its robust functionality and ease of use for helping you better run your properties and expand your portfolio. If you are moving from an application not listed, we can help tailor a plan to help you transfer your data and move it to your new Propertyware account.