Measure Your Property
Marketing ROI

We now have the data and analysis we need to transform our portfolio and really grow the business.

Amit Luthra, Barrington Residential

Put your money where your momentum is. Marketing without the benefit of reliable analytics is like driving at night without headlights. If you’re not properly tracking all your prospects and targeting them with an effective marketing campaign, you could be wasting money. With Propertyware’s marketing analytics feature, you can track your website’s performance and measure your marketing return on investment (ROI) to make sure you’re on the right path to profitability.

Strategically Manage Your Marketing Plan for Optimum Performance

Propertyware’s marketing analytics feature can help you identify and diagnose the strengths and weaknesses in your website’s content and in your online marketing strategy. Built-in advertising campaign management and analysis capabilities enable you to quickly determine where your marketing dollars are most effectively spent.

You can also identify which agents are generating the most revenue for your business as well as the highest closing percentages. Propertyware’s marketing analytics makes it easy to identify and eliminate lead sources that are less cost-effective and to maximize the use of those sources yielding greater results.

Identify Trends with Visual Property
Marketing Reports

Propertyware’s integrated reporting and marketing dashboards provide simple visual charts that display prospect metrics, lead conversions and overall marketing ROI. You can measure month-over-month and year-over-year performance with graphs, charts and tables that instantly display the information necessary to make better business decisions. You’ll be able to quickly identify campaign and prospect trends that can help you assess what actions need to be implemented to sustain or deter certain performance levels.

Automated Monthly Property Marketing Reports

Every month, easy-to-read marketing reports are generated automatically online, outlining the return on your marketing spend. You can easily filter the results in these reports according to custom date ranges, campaigns and other useful settings. The reports and marketing dashboards provide simple visual charts that demonstrate spend, clicks, conversions and cost per lead using color contrast to distinguish month-over-month and year-over-year results. By customizing the dashboards, you can immediately display the results that matter most to you.

Marketing Analytics Make Testing More Effective

With Propertyware’s Marketing Analytics, you can also gain a more competitive advantage by testing different strategies and easily monitoring the results month-over-month. Analytics-based property marketing helps you to become more agile and expansive with your marketing plan, and to discover and implement profitable marketing strategies putting you ahead of the competition.