Carolina One Reviews How Propertyware Owner Portals Save Time and Money

Watch this Propertyware review and find out how Carolina One grew their business substantially with Propertyware’s Software Solutions. They were able to add 400 units in 18 months with the help of Propertyware. The Owner Portal has been a substantial differentiating factor and Tenant Portals have also helped manage a large volume of tenant communications.


Propertyware Marketing Tools Produce a Measureable Return on Investment for Dave Holt

Dave Holt is now able to track his return on investment. He is able to track what kind of marketing efforts or campaigns are working and generating leads, as well as getting visibility into conversion rates. Before he was spending a lot of money without knowing whether that money actually generating a return or not. Thanks to Propertyware marketing and lead generation tools, he is able to effectively track conversion rates and review marketing ROI.


Betsy Morgan Reviews How Propertyware Helped Her Grow Her Single-Family Portfolio

Betsy Morgan was in the market for a single-family property management software solution. She needed a document management solution and a way to let tenants pay rent online. Through the power of the cloud, Propertyware enabled Betsy to let tenants and property managers access all of the information they need instantly. It allowed her to double her portfolio in a year.


Sam Thompson Reviews How Tenant Screening Provides Detailed Background Checks

Sam Thompson talks about how he uses Tenant Screening from Propertyware to do detailed tenant background checks. Propertyware provides a lot more information than other resident screening solutions that Sam Thompson had previously used, which he discusses in this review of Propertyware software.


Deb Newell Reviews How Propertyware’s Tenant Screening Saves Time on Data Entry

Tenant Screening Powered by LeasingDesk offers Propertyware customers a simple, easy-to-read screening report that helps reduce risk and minimize vacancies. When someone applies online they can easily be converted without having to enter data twice, saving a lot of time on data entry and processing.


Michelle Fox Reviews How Propertyware Web Solutions Generates More Online Leads

Generate more tenant and owner leads online with Propertyware’s Website Solutions. In this review, Michelle Fox of Fox Rental Management, talks about how Propertyware has helped grow her business.


Collaborate and Increase Productivity with Propertyware Property Management Software

Melissa Prandi, MPM, president of PRANDI Property Management, Inc., CRMC shares this review of Propertyware, and how her team has greatly improved productivity using features in Propertyware to collaborate with one another.