Property Management Software for QuickBooks™ Users

QuickBooks is a recognized accounting software that helps small businesses track income and expenses, but as a landlord or property manager you also want to be able to track facility matters, lease agreements, tenant information and do much more. Propertyware makes this possible. With its comprehensive accounting platform, you can manage all of your properties, leases, tenant ledgers and management company finances. For more information on QuickBooks Sync, please view our frequently asked questions.

If you are already using QuickBooks and you want to take your property management business financials one step further, Propertyware can also seamlessly synchronize with your existing QuickBooks files for improved efficiency. Propertyware is able to accommodate QuickBooks users with the flexibility and ease-of-use they need to use both Propertyware and QuickBooks together.

Sync Propertyware with QuickBooks for Easier Online Management

Propertyware Sync is a free downloadable utility that allows you to sync the income and expense transactions for certain portfolios to a designated QuickBooks company file. It properly categorizes these files in QuickBooks and provides a transfer report that tracks each sync. This fluid data transfer from Propertyware to QuickBooks gives you better oversight on your investment properties and makes it possible to utilize Propertyware’s customization tools for targeted financial reporting and email alerts to expedite accounts payable and receivables.

Property Accounting Accessible from Anywhere

With Propertyware, you can collect charges and record expenses online using any desktop or mobile device. This enables you to share financial information with owners, staff and other stakeholders who may be in different locations. The synchronization feature with QuickBooks also eliminates the need for duplicate data entry. Save your valuable time for other important aspects of your property management business—such as cultivating tenant relationships or growing your business.