Propertyware Supports QuickBooks™ Synchronization

Intuit has announced they will discontinue the Intuit Sync Manager on March 1, 2016, which is used to sync data between 3rd party applications, such as Propertyware, and QuickBooks desktop.

Propertyware will continue to support QuickBooks Integration even after QuickBooks discontinues Intuit Sync Manager. We have partnered with Intuit and confirmed that our unique Propertyware sync tool will not have any interruption in service.

Please see a list of our frequently asked questions below. Should you have additional questions, please contact us at 1-800-704-0154 ext. 5 or

QuickBooks Sync Frequently Asked Questions

Is QuickBooks discontinuing the Intuit Sync Manager?
Intuit has announced they will discontinue the Intuit Sync Manager on March 1, 2016. The Intuit Sync Manager is the technology many solutions use to sync data between their applications and QuickBooks desktop.

Will Propertyware continue to sync with QuickBooks?
Propertyware is committed to continue supporting this QuickBooks desktop integration with Propertyware.

What is the current Propertyware QuickBooks desktop sync feature?
Propertyware Sync is a free downloadable utility that allows you to sync the income and expense transactions for certain portfolios to a designated QuickBooks company file. It properly categorizes these files in QuickBooks and provides a transfer report that tracks each sync. This fluid data transfer from Propertyware to QuickBooks gives you better oversight on your investment properties and makes it possible to utilize Propertyware’s customization tools for targeted financial reporting and email alerts to expedite accounts payable and receivables.

What technology is Propertyware using to sync data with QuickBooks?

  • Propertyware has developed an independent solution that allows our customers to continue syncing data between Propertyware and QuickBooks desktop.
  • There will be no interruption in service and we expect no action will be needed by Propertyware users to continue syncing their data with QuickBooks.
  • Propertyware is using a proprietary .net solution called Propertyware Sync Manager leveraging the QuickBooks desktop SDK and Intuit WebConnector.

Why is Intuit discontinuing Intuit Sync Manager for QuickBooks desktop?
For additional information on the discontinuation of Intuit Sync Manager for QuickBooks, please go to their Support Page.

What will happen with QuickBooks discontinues the desktop solution?
In the future, Propertyware will also be building sync integration with the new QuickBooks Online solution for those customers that would prefer to use the online version of QuickBooks vs. the desktop version.

What applications are impacted?
A comprehensive list of applications impacted can be located on Intuit’s QuickBooks Support Page.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about my QuickBooks sync with Propertyware?
If you have additional questions please contact our product support team at 1-800-704-0154 ext. 5 or