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No matter where you are or what time it is, you can stay on top of your property management business with Propertyware. Anywhere, everywhere, Propertyware.

Convert Apps in a Snap
No Double-Data Entry

"When somebody applies online and if they are approved, then we can convert them easily, we don't have to re-enter information." - Deb Newell / Real-Time Leasing

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Boost Every Aspect of Your Property Management Business

Capture More Leads
Instant Call Reply

Instant Call Reply makes sure each email lead is followed up with a phone call within minutes and with an average conversion rate of 60%.

Call Tracking Works
Max Your Marketing Spend

"The call tracking has been good for checking my advertising…. when you call the number, it actually gives you the whole spiel, it may be recorded and tells you the number of leads your getting off that particluar ad." - Jim Stevens / Stevens Realty

Loop in All Parties
Share Information Easily

"It keeps everyone in the loop, keeps all the information in one spot." Chris Turner / Turner Properties

Impress New Owners

"We’re so technology-driven as a company and that's what we're touting to our clients. When we meet with them, we're showing them how we do owner payouts, how the portal works. Owners love the ease of use." - Deb Newell / Real-Time Leasing

Grow Portfolio Count

"Without Propertyware I don't think we would have been able to add 400 units in the last 18 months." - Eric Wetherington / Carolina One Real Estates

Fill Vacancies Faster
Demo LeasingDesk Screening

Get through background checks faster and fill those vacancies faster with the most qualified tenants.

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