Cayce Real Estate Case Study

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How to Double Your Portfolio Size Without Adding Headcount

Doubles Number of Doors Managed Without Growing Their Staff

Find out how Cayce Real Estate consolidated from four disparate property management systems, shortened the application and leasing time, and reduced late rent payments in this case study.

“Propertyware has given me the ability to grow my business. We have doubled the number of units managed without increasing staff. Data integrity has increased because we log everything in Propertyware. There is visibility and awareness across my entire business. We can effectively manage the diverse requirements of our portfolios that consist of single family and multifamily properties.”

Ty Cayce President

Cayce Real Estate Services
Seattle, WA

Ty Cayce


Web-based property management systems used to replaced four disparate ones.


Fast Leasing

Number of days saved during rental application and leasing process.


On-time Rent

Decrease in late rent payments from using tenant portals


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