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How to cut rental property application approval time from days to hours.

Online Rental Application Review by Ty Cayce

It wasn’t all that long ago that the only choice when applying to rent a home was to drive somewhere during business hours to pick up an application, fill it out there, or take it home and drive or mail it back when finished.

But as Ty Cayce says here, those days are over for his property management business. Today, prospective tenants can fill out rental applications and pay any fees online, at their convenience. And the system is integrated with Propertyware tenant screening, so the next step is built right in. The result? An approval process that once took four or five days has shrunk to just a few hours.

Ty Cayce cut his application approval time from days to hours. Can Propertyware do the same for you? Request a quote for our online rental application and screening solution.

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