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How our online rent payment solution eliminates hassles for both renters and property managers.

Everyone Wins When Residents Pay Rent Online

Online rent payment, Ty Cayce says, has made paper checks look like the Stone Age. And today, with over 90% of his residents paying online, he reports that the first few days of the month have been completely transformed for his office.

No more laboriously going through one check at a time and entering them into the system. Propertyware's online rental payment solution captures and channels all necessary information directly into the accounting system, without staff labor.

And of course, residents love being able to pay their rent online anytime and anyplace, by credit or debit card, e-check or ACH while skipping the snail mail or trip to the office.

Want to start saving time, money and headaches? Learn more and see a video demo of how easy it is to accept online rental payments.

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