Create Greater Value Through Single Family Utility Management

Recorded September 25 at 1:00 p.m. CT | UTC/GMT -6

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About SimpleBills

SimpleBills redefines how utilities are managed to free residents, owners and property managers from the hassle of managing utilities. With a utilities "always on" model, we invoice and collect from residents while managing all customer support related to utilities. For residents, there are no utility deposits and move-in is smooth. For owners, we will manage vacant units during turn or renovations and save up to $200 per door per vacancy. For Property Managers, our process reduces time, headaches, and costs associated with utilities for every property. This can translate into a time savings of more than 3 hours of staff time per property per year.

There is a uniquely innovative way to increase operational efficiency and attract new owners at the same time. By offering a smart, easy-to-use utility management solution, you can create value for your staff, owners, and tenants all at once.

Join RealPage® VP of Single Family Inaas Arabi and Kevin Jones, President/Co-Founder of SimpleBills, as they share better ways to manage single family utility billing.

This webcast will cover topics including:

  • Current utility trends in the single family market
  • How to reduce vacancy costs
  • Improve operational efficiencies with utilities
  • Enhanced tenant move-in and living experience
  • Q&A and more


Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones co-founded SimpleBills back in 2008 when he discovered a pain point of dealing with utilities while having a college roommate. Eleven years later, he serves as SimpleBills' president after creating a utility management solution for student, multifamily and single family markets. Since its origin, the company has grown to service over 160,000 residents nationwide. Kevin is looking forward to continuing SimpleBills' mission to disrupt utility management as we know it in order to make utilities simple for residents and properties. He currently resides in Waco, Texas with his wife and three kids.

Inaas Arabi

Inaas Arabi joined RealPage in 2019, to lead the single-family division. He brings many years of single-family property management experience from managing start-ups, to large portfolios. As a former Propertyware customer and VP of Rental Property Management over a large multi-state portfolio, Inaas gained in-depth understanding of Propertyware and Consumer Solutions. His goal is to serve as the voice of the customer and develop new and innovative ways to help property managers attain profitability and growth.

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