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How to Reduce Rent Collection Time

Manages All Aspects of Market Expansion With A Single Property Management Solution

Read how CrestCore Realty reduced rent payment time and grew their single-family portfolio from 400 to 2,700 units in only six years using Propertyware.

“Propertyware offers comprehensive products and services, it’s a super value and affordable compared to other alternatives. They are not just a software provider; Propertyware is clearly a leader in the industry. They are doing things from a partnership perspective beyond just the software – providing avenues to network with peers, constantly keeping a pulse on the industry, and providing product support and training. I am looking forward to continuing to grow our business and partnership with Propertyware.”

Douglas Skipworth Principal Broker

CrestCore Realty
Memphis, TN

Douglas Skipworth


Grew from 400 to 2,700 units using Propertyware



Cut marketing effort in half while reducing vacancies


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Trimmed maintenance call time with our Contact Center


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