Propertyware Does What Others Can’t

From flexible pricing to customization and best-in-class functionality, Propertyware’s Residential Rental Property Management Software offers more. All under one roof.


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Manage the full tenant lifecycle in one simple solution.

Propertyware Single-Family Property Management Software Does it All

Propertyware Single-Family Property Management Software Does it All

Created by property managers for property managers, Propertyware does what others can’t. It’s a complete toolbox for single-family property management, all rolled into one, simple solution. From flexible pricing to best-in-class functionality, Propertyware is the all-in-one web-based solution that’s affordable, flexible and scalable.

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Created by Property Managers for Property Managers

Property Managers

The Full Lifecycle of Property Management. In One Simple Solution.

Housed in one solution, Propertyware is everything you need to run your business successfully. This complete solution seamlessly offers it all from start to finish. Think of it as your toolbox for property management, and ultimately, all the support you need to grow your business to the next level.

Your Foundation. Your Customization.

Propertyware delivers the solutions you need, saving you time and money. All in one easy-to-implement platform.

Pricing Made Simple


$250 monthly minimum plus Implementation Fee of 2X the monthly subscription price.



$450 monthly minimum plus Implementation Fee of 2X the monthly subscription price.

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Principles of Profitability

“We wouldn’t be the company we are today without Propertyware®, which has enabled us to streamline operations and manage at a very high level with less staff expense. We have been able to scale and grow our company much more quickly as a result.”

Jeff Shelton President

3rd Base Realty Group, LLC
Avondale, AZ

Jeff Shelton

More On-Time Payments

Reduce late payments by 85% with our convenient online payment platform.


Better Communication

Save 16 hours each week by using our efficient Tenant and Owner portals.


Faster Move-ins

Plan ahead. Turn around new tenants in just 48 hours by monitoring lease expirations.


The “Gold Standard” Property Management Software

Douglas Skipworth of CrestCore Realty got the same response from nearly everyone he asked about the ideal property management solution for his portfolio of single-family properties: “Propertyware is the gold standard,” they agreed.

But it wasn’t until he watched a demo that he realized just how much Propertyware delivers, for a price he found remarkably affordable. The choice was a no-brainer. “I saw the demo at eight one morning, and by noon we had signed up all 500 of our units on the system,” he recalls. CrestCore now manages over 2700 units. 

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