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Text Messaging

Communicate in real time to tenants, owners and vendors with integrated text messaging—a cost-effective way to increase efficiencies without straining resources.

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Propertyware® continues to improve the property management experience with integrated text messaging. Now, you can respond in real time with group texting, multimedia messages (MMS) and emojis to resolve tenant issues, update owners and keep vendors on track and operations running smoothly.

Reduce missed calls and miscommunication and boost satisfaction scores. Quickly create texts to large groups of contacts and avoid typing the same messages over and over. You can also save and print texts for documentation. Propertyware is making it easier for you to do more to help you grow more.

Text Messaging

Text-Messaging Benefits

  • Resolve tenant issues fast
  • Update owners in real time
  • Improve service response times
  • Keep vendors on track
  • Reduce incoming calls
  • Boost satisfaction scores
  • Save and print texts
  • Create texts to large groups

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