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Lead Tracking

Track every single prospect from the moment the lead is generated to the day the lease is signed with best-in-class lead tracking tools from Propertyware.

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Marketing Lead Tracking

Propertyware Tracks Prospects from Lead to Lease. Others Can’t.

Quantify the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and track your results by property and by lead source. With Propertyware, more leads become signed leases than with anyone else. Not only does Propertyware track each and every prospect, we track where the leads come from. Whether they come from the web, a phone call or a property visit, we show you how to make the most of every opportunity with the only property management solution designed to help you work smarter.

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With Propertyware Lead Tracking, you’ll get:

  • Guest card information
  • Integrated lead source tracking
  • One-click conversion from lead to lease
  • Unlimited customizable reports and dashboards
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All this will allow you to:

  • Quantify lead per property
  • Track unlimited lead sources
  • Use multiple flyer templates
  • Capture owner leads
  • Gain visibility into the lifecycle of leads
  • Customize prospect types
  • Create custom fields as a CRM tool
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Lead-to-Lease Tools

Once you’ve captured a qualified lead, Propertyware helps you turn those into leases, quicker, with a full suite of tools, including:

  • Customizable online lead capture forms
  • Guest card information
  • Integrated lead source tracking
  • One-click conversion to Lease or Portfolio
  • Dozens of customizable reports and dashboard

Property Management Leads

Know What’s Working and What Isn’t

Stevens Realty Reviews Lead Tracking Software

With Propertyware, he’s able to not only monitor and track each lead through to a lease, but also pin down which lead sources are giving him maximum bang for the buck. And as a bonus, he uses the system to occasionally listen to recordings of how his people are working leads on the phone, so he can coach them as needed increase conversions. Ready to stop wasting good money on property marketing?

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Principles of Profitability

“Propertyware provides my staff with the tools they need to run my business efficiently. We are constantly on the ball because Propertyware keeps us in the know through alerts on key tasks and communications to our tenants and owners.”

Catherine Perrotta President

DP Properties
Murrieta, CA | 100 DOORS

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