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Property management leads with impact

Jumpstart your portfolio growth with All Property Management

Visit the All Property Management Website

Get first-in-line access to rental property owners looking for your services

Unlock custom targeting

Search for leads based on property type, lead volume, and zip code.

Move at your own pace

Find growth opportunities by paying per lead with no monthly contract or obligation.

Receive onboarding assistance

When you sign up you’ll get a team dedicated to guiding you through set up and coaching you on how to accelerate success.

How it works

1. Describe your ideal client

APM connects you with the perfect leads for your business.

2. Get connected

Buy leads to match with property owners and board members in real time.

3. Grow your business

Contact the lead, close the deal, and grow your portfolio!

Why choose All Property Management?

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The All Property Management account management team has been helping property managers grow their businesses for over 15 years.

integrated business

Nearly 2.5 million owners and board memebers visit the All Property Management website each year.

integrated business
Positive Outcomes

~10% of all leads convert to customers

integrated business
Portfolio Growth

Property managers in the APM network added over 350,000 doors last year.

Success Stories

Property managers have grown revenue by almost $50,000 within the first two months of using APM

  • Over 400k+ owners and board members have used APM to hire premier property management companies

  • The lifetime value of an Association from All Property Management can range from $4k – $95k depending on size
  • 1,200+ property management companies have found success with All Property Management services

  • The lifetime value of a rental owner from All Property Management is upward of $7,000 per unit
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After sign-up, you’re paired with an account manager who helps you get the most value out of All Property Management. Together, you’ll establish a strategy that works for your budget and bandwidth and decide which prospective clients you’re interested in.

Leads range between $30-$300 depending on the property type and location, but the average is ~$60. There’s no contracts, setup costs, or monthly fees. It’s simple—you only pay for the leads you want!

On average, customers start getting leads within a few days of joining the network.

APM has a credit policy to refund certain invalid leads. For instance, if a tenant accidentally submitted a property manager request form rather than a property owner, that lead cost would be credited back to your account.
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