Open API

Open API

With Propertyware’s two-way data connection, you can reduce duplication, minimize manual data entry risk and increase efficiency between Propertyware and other 3rd-party systems.

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Take Control of Your Data

Propertyware® enables you to get the data you want and systematically share it with whomever you want.
While other companies only support one-way data connection, Propertyware delivers your data however and whenever you want it by enabling two-way data connection. This means you can choose your partners on your terms. And you can use this data to create custom dashboards and reports. The ability to push and pull data decreases costs and increases revenue to maximize NOI. Two-way data sharing also minimizes manual entry between internal and external systems to increase efficiency and reduce risk.

Common Uses:

  • Connect to enterprise accounting systems
  • Create customizable management dashboards from data from multiple systems
  • Create customized key performance indicators across multiple systems you use
  • Reduce redundant (and risky) data entry between your internal systems
  • Share data from Propertyware to a 3rd-party ticketing system to consolidate all inbound and outbound communications
  • Connect to CRM platforms to consolidate all tenant and owner interactions, insights and data in Propertyware
API Wheel

With Propertyware’s open API, we’ve been able to create exchanges between Propertyware and outside sources that have helped our operations…I am 100% genuine in saying that without that open API, it changes the entire structure of our business model.”

Mousa Ahmad | Investor Relations, Mutual Property Management

Propertyware’s two-way data exchange minimizes manual work and risk and that savings is unbelievable.”

Zee Bhimji | President, Real Property Management/Chicago Group

We use the Propertyware API to connect to Property Meld® for inspections, HubSpot® for our CRM, and Renter Inc®, a rental verification system. We are so much more efficient. If you aren’t using the API and automation offered in Propertyware, you are really missing out!”

Todd Ortscheid | CEO, GTL Real Estate

Over the past few years, we started using Propertyware’s API to connect with Property Meld® and zInspector®. The process is smooth and seamless. Propertyware’s API solidifies our long-term commitment to use Propertyware as the foundation of our property management software needs.”

Michele Odems | Property Manager, RPM Direct LLC

API Blog

Propertyware’s Open API Lets You Customize to Your Heart’s Content.

All property management companies do things their own way. That’s the driving force behind Propertyware’s Open API – giving you limitless options with your Propertyware data and how it’s presented, both within the boundaries of Propertyware and in conjunction with third-party solutions. Read Blog Now

Put an End to Manual Workarounds. Rethink Customization.

Join our Propertyware expert panel as they discuss ways to set up efficiencies to grow without adding staff, save time and reduce risk, increase PMC revenue and much more. Watch Webcast
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