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With portfolio-level accounting and reporting, along with robust accounts receivable and accounts payable, aggregate the owner’s money at the portfolio level and easily track property expenses while boosting rent collection efficiency, security and convenience.

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Accounting Receivables

Powerful. Clear. Intuitive.

Propertyware’s powerful accounting functions allow for quick, easy receivables and payables, offering more automated features than anyone else in the industry. Propertyware® gives property managers the tools to streamline the rent collections process as part of a robust accounting suite. This comprehensive, time-saving functionality will help you avoid costly mistakes and take the guesswork out of rent collection. Propertyware provides an intuitive experience and simple interface that helps property managers perform their accounting transactions as efficiently and accurately as possible.

Within the platform, Propertyware offers a number of features to simplify and manage your account payment process including:

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Set Recurring Charges Easily

Propertyware allows for you to set up recurring charges for garage or storage rentals, extra parking, and so much more. This allows for consistency and accuracy throughout the tenants’ lease term.

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Process Account Payables Faster

With Propertyware, you can easily and quickly pay multiple owners or vendors at one time, preparing and process owner draws with just a few clicks.

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Simple Bank Reconciliation

With Propertyware’s ‘Match’ software solution, you can easily begin a new bank reconciliation, upload your bank statements and begin the process to match transactions seamlessly.

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Establish Budgets

Propertyware’s integrated software solutions allow for easy, custom reports you create to show you budgets for each property. This allows for consistency and accuracy for you and your owners. Propertyware even allows these reports to be scheduled for distribution to your owners for clear visibility into their assets.

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