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10 Questions You’ll Want to Know About Propertyware (FAQ)

10 Questions You’ll Want to Know About Propertyware (FAQ)

By: Tony Maiella

When you’re thinking about a property management software platform – especially one as flexible, customizable, and powerful as Propertyware – you’re bound to want to thoroughly analyze what it can do for your business. With that in mind, we sat down with the Propertyware partnerships team to answer the most common questions they get from potential clients who are kicking the tires.  Looking for a Propertyware FAQ? You're in luck.

When you say that Propertyware’s software is customizable, what do you mean?

We like to say that Propertyware allows you to do business your way. What that means is that the software gives you the ability to customize your workflows and data, customize your reporting, and integrate with any software in your tech stack through an open API. It’s built for property management businesses that need a high level of flexibility with both their process and, potentially, the amount of geographic locations they manage.

What are the benefits of a solution like Propertyware that’s customizable and open?

The customization we offer with custom fields, dashboards, and reports empowers you to gather, track and report on anything you’d like. That coupled with our open API eliminates the headaches that come with managing several sources of data. Plus, you’ll have a more scalable solution over the long term. With Propertyware, if you have more complex needs down the line, you won’t be limited by the software and can make adjustments as your business changes.

What’s an open API and how does it work?

Think of an open API as a waiter that takes your order and serves up the data you ask for according to the connections you’ve made. In a nutshell, you’re able to connect to a third-party software, and move information to and from Propertyware. For example, some customers use it to connect external maintenance software or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for owner and tenant leads.

How can Propertyware help businesses with multiple locations?

First, Propertyware lets you operate from anywhere since it’s web-based—there’s no app necessary. Additionally, you can design the infrastructure for parent and child hierarchies, which is extremely useful if you have a complex, multi-location business structure. Plus, you can set up unique user profiles to manage what data each staff member has access to and what actions they’re allowed to execute.

How does Propertyware make it easier to communicate with tenants and property owners?

Propertyware offers mobile-friendly portals for owners and tenants and also includes communications tools like text messaging and email. For your owners, you can schedule reports that they want to be sent automatically every month, and that’s just the beginning.

How am I able to customize reports for property owners and investors?

From accounts receivable aging to rent roll, we offer over 175 pre-loaded reports based on what we have seen our customers use the most. You can customize those reports however you like.

How does onboarding work and how long does it take?

Onboarding is a team effort. Once you decide to work with us, we assign an Implementation Consultant (IC) to partner with you. All in all, the process takes approximately 45 business days, and your IC will have multiple phone calls to discuss what’s needed to keep the onboarding process moving smoothly. 

How does data migration work?

Data migration is a service we offer if someone would like us to move their current, active information into their new Propertyware account. This would be information such as tenant name and address, unit number etc. 

How is Propertyware different from other property management software platforms?

Propertyware sets itself apart through customization, robust accounting, and the added security of handling everything in-house. We don’t use any third parties for payments or background screening.

What additional resources are available?

We offer a comprehensive academy for our clients to learn about any topic within Propertyware along with other industry best practices. We also offer instructor-led virtual classes on specific topics as well as an “open mic” session where clients can bring up any questions they have.

To learn how Propertyware can be put into action for your business or for any other questions you might have, reach out to our partnerships team and schedule a demo.

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