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Multi-Location Management

The industry’s ideal solution for multi-regional expansion and growth, allowing managers to easily monitor local operations and see holistic reporting with a single sign-on. Contact Sales
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Expand Regionally With Ease

Just about every solution provider will tell you their offering is scalable. But is it really? Propertyware’s Enterprise version allows you to easily expand your business with the capability to run each of your locations individually—all on one platform. By adding Enterprise to any Propertyware® plan, you can easily view dashboards and reports at the corporate level, quickly roll out standard templates to set up new locations, and allow customization for unique operations in each location or franchise.

Get More With Propertyware

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Create reports and dashboards to measure performance across all locations at the corporate level and for individual locations.
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Define a business model that meets your company’s objectives and push it to your locations to ensure standardization and consistency across your entire organization.
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Don’t recreate as you grow and add new locations—simply clone your business model template to expedite the process.
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Easily allow customization for unique operations in your different locations or franchises.
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Set permissions for your users through customized user profiles, allowing you to determine privilege levels and access rights.

Through a single sign-on at our office, we are able to log in and monitor what is going on at each location—and we can also get consolidated reporting. This is a tremendous timesaver for us, and by having the ability to create the reporting and metrics at our office and push them to the locations, we have consistency throughout the organization.”

William Dickson | President, Marketplace Homes

One of the advantages of Propertyware is the ability to construct a template. We had a bad habit of firing up new offices but housing them inside of an existing location. It was really hard for us to actually measure the performance of those other, newer regions. So, we went through an upgrade where we created a template that we then customized. And that was a lot easier than building new locations.”

Adam Haleck | President and CEO, Northpoint Asset Management

Propertyware Efficiency Powers Multi-Regional Growth for Blackwell Properties

A 5x yearly growth goal is ambitious, to say the least. But Patrick Blood of Blackwell Properties knew the efficiency and scalability of Propertyware would be a key driver in helping him hit his 1,000-door target.
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