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Tenant Screening

Reduce risk, maximize occupancy and rental revenue with Propertyware® Tenant Screening.

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Tenant Screening

We’ve Raised the Bar on Tenant Screening

Customizable and easy-to-use, Propertyware Tenant Screening combines advanced technology with the features and capabilities you need most to move your business forward.

You decide—and rank—which screening criteria are most aligned with your business goals. Take action with easy-to-read, thorough reports. Get instant criminal records searches, set guarantors when needed, customize settings for specific regions or properties, and so much more. Propertyware Tenant Screening is advanced, yet simple to set up and use, giving you more power to make quicker, more informed decisions while reducing risk and maximizing occupancy and rental revenue.

What’s in It for You:

Customize Screening Criteria

Our configurable, easy-to-use setup wizard allows you to adjust criteria to best match your business goals and company policies. You are able to establish your credit thresholds, tolerance for criminal convictions, and landlord tenant records to meet your company standards and policies.

Cut Wait Time

Instant criminal record searches minimize or virtually eliminate the wait time for status updates.

Get Easy-to-Read Reports

In seconds, get a detailed, actionable report with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, together with a score based on your chosen criteria—not just a pass/fail—to promote quicker, more informed decisions.

Add Guarantors

Advanced capabilities allow you to add guarantors when needed. You can even set different screening criteria for applicants and guarantors.

Offer Support

An online portal is available 24/7 to provide support for consumer disputes. Our Renter Relations team can work directly with applicants to resolve credit, civil and criminal report misinformation to ensure renters can quickly get the support they need.

Access Intelligent Scoring Algorithms

Make quicker, more informed decisions as a result of On-Site’s overall recommendation score ranging from 0-10. This intelligent scoring algorithm leverages your custom criteria, and the combined applicant score to help minimize delinquency risk.

Manage Credit Vendors

Multiple credit bureau support allows you to set an automatic fall-back order for your credit vendors, ensuring credit responses are always available.

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