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Single Family Utility Management and Billing

Save $200 or more per vacancy

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SimpleBills: Utility Management Simplified

SimpleBills redefines how utilities are managed so owners and property managers experience utility billing the way it should be—simple. We make this happen for single-family managers while saving your owners as much as $200 or more per vacancy.

With SimpleBills, the turn process is a snap, reducing the time, headache and costs associated with every vacancy. By keeping utilities in the manager’s name, you save tenants time and money by enabling them to move in without a single phone call to establish utilities or pay deposits.

Simplify utility management to improve NOI and make utility billing easy for property managers, owners and tenants with SimpleBills.

Here’s how everyone benefits:

Property Manager/Owner Benefits

  • Elimination of account turn with utility providers
  • Reduced days vacant
  • Billing and collection from residents
  • Reduced internal administrative costs
  • Better visibility into utility expenses
  • Cost-saving estimated final bill (EFB)
  • No owner involvement in new account setup after tenant moves out
  • Asset protection – utilities stay on to reduce risk of damage to home

Tenant Benefits

  • Enhanced move-in experience
  • Financial savings – no need to pay utility deposits
  • Highly-rated customer support
  • Convenience of all utilities on one statement
  • Full transparency with provider billing information
  • Education and conservation information

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As a manager, we can now better hold the tenant accountable for paying these financial responsibilities, speed up our turnovers, [and] have better insight into utility costs for prospective tenants…”

CHRIS FISHER | Broker/Owner, PMI Central Iowa

As a property manager, I need systems that help streamline the process. SimpleBills has become an essential system on which I run my business. Never having to call utility companies has saved us countless hours, and the customer support is excellent.”

JAKE JOHNSON | Managing Director, PMI Commonwealth

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