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“Propertyware® has a lot more customization than I’ve seen in any other system. That’s a really big thing so you can run your business the way you want to.”

Zee Bhimji President Real Property Management, Chicago Group

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Catherine Perrotta

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I think that with Propertyware’s open API system, the ability to manage over multiple locations with absolute control from one platform, the customization that is automatically built in, I don’t think you could choose any other one and be right.”

Brian Birdy CEO

PMI Birdy Properties
San Antonio, TX

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Brian Birdy

“Propertyware’s ®dashboards, reporting, and open API allow you to analyze every single step of your process to see where the breaks are in the chain… You’re going to be able to streamline your business and get to your goal with much more efficiency.”

Mousa Ahmad Investor Relations Expert

Mutual Property CO.
Farmington, MI

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Mousa Ahmad

“Propertyware ® allows us to manage two locations and multiple property managers because the data is all very accessible from a mobile device as well as from a laptop… We’ve been able to almost decrease a full time employee.”

Nicole Reinhardt Realtor

Colorado Casa PMI
Fountain, CO

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Nicole Reinhardt

“Propertyware® had a lot of tools and functions that automated our processes so that we could grow without having to double or quadruple our staff… And Propertyware support is amazing. I have had a wonderful experience.”

Chris TurnerOwner

Chris Turner Properties
Columbia, SC

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Jeff Shelton

“Propertyware is very easy to use, and it’s user friendly. And also, it enables the owners to access portals. Then they can pull different invoices and bills to be paid and see in real time how their properties are doing.”

Charlene Farrington Director of Accounting

Allied Bellkey
Newport News, VA

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Charlene Farrington

“We wouldn’t be the company we are today without Propertyware®, which has enabled us to streamline operations and manage at a very high level with less staff expense. We have been able to scale and grow our company much more quickly as a result.”

Jeff Shelton President

3rd Base Realty Group, LLC
Avondale, AZ

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Jeff Shelton

“Propertyware® is a critical component to the rapid growth of our business and has allowed our firm to gain a competitive edge. Propertyware truly partners with property management companies to handle the challenges of our ever-evolving industry.”

Kyle Stephenson President

Great Richmond Rentals
Richmond, VA

Kyle Stephenson

“Propertyware® helped us transform our business from 400 units to 2,500 in less than 3 years! There’s no way we would be where we are today without Propertyware’s comprehensive software and services to manage all aspects of our business!”

Douglas Skipworth Principal Broker

CrestCore Realty
Memphis, TN

Douglas Skipworth

“Propertyware® lets me feed information to my maintenance vendors in the field, streamlining my work order process and distributions. It gives my vendors all the information they need to complete and log more jobs in a single day, increasing my tenants’ satisfaction.”

Robert Gilstrap Owner

Title One Management
Kennesaw, GA

Robert Gilstrap

“The Propertyware® Contact Center helped us effectively answer and qualify the increasing number of leads that were coming in on a daily basis without having to hire additional staff. So in about 5 years, we were able to go from 250 doors to 1,600 doors.”

Michael Pelts Partner

Lubin Property Management
Memphis, TN

Michael Pelts

“Reporting is incredibly powerful and flexible with Propertyware®. It allows us to manage different owners, and adjusts to each person’s business needs, including ours.”

Tiffany Rosenbaum Owner

Rosenbaum Realty Group
Gilbert, AZ

Tiffany Rosenbaum
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