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Reduce Your Company’s Compliance Risk

Hiring the wrong vendor can result in poor work, fraud or lost money. RealPage® Vendor Credentialing reduces risk and saves time with a cloud-based solution that delivers end-to-end vendor compliance for single-family and multifamily properties.

We comprehensively manage your vendor credentialing and increase the number of sources for obtaining critical information about them. We do all the legwork and manage the paperwork to ensure vendors meet your company’s policies and standards.

Here’s How We Do It:

  • Managing liability insurance certificates, policy endorsements and W-9 forms
  • Verifying professional licensing
  • Performing national criminal and sex offender background checks, and searching government watch lists
  • Handling vendor requirements, acknowledgment and agreement contracts and special requirements

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Your company will have access to the largest known vendor database in the property management industry, with over 135,000 vendors.

Other Benefits Include:


Recover Wasted Hours

The RealPage Vendor Credentialing portal gives you quick access to vendor information, certificates of insurance and W-9 forms, eliminating the time-consuming job of chasing down vendor information. It’s all online for your staff to easily access, ensuring you have a complete audit trail

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Find Vendors Even Faster

Leverage same-day approval when searching for vendors with our Credential Key preferred vendor network, to service your properties during a maintenance emergency or even scheduled maintenance.


It Costs You Nothing!

Performing in-house vendor checks for criminal activity, certificates of insurance and other important information can be costly. With our solution, vendors pay to be evaluated, so that they can be certified against your unique requirements.

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A Complete Solution With Licensed Insurance Experts

It’s a complete vendor management solution that reduces risk, increases efficiency and gives you tighter control of spending. Let our team of licensed insurance experts with decades of experience provide you with an advanced, one-of-a-kind solution: RealPage® Vendor Credentialing.

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Choose The Solution Vendors Prefer

As a member of the RealPage vendor network, your approved vendors have exposure to operators of thousands of single-family and multifamily homes. The secure online platform provides a 24/7 centralized place to submit, store and update documents, making it easier for them to do business with you, saving time and reducing errors.

Learn the basics and avoid 5 common mistakes.

Vendor Credentialing Alleviates Vendor Maintenance Stress

Brian Birdy, CEO PMI Birdy Properties, knows that having a qualified crew of vendors is essential for every property manager. Maintaining requirements for current vendors was a challenging task before PMI made the switch and started using RealPage® Vendor Credentialing. PMI is now able to establish their own standards for each vendor type while RealPage tracks which ones are in compliance and which ones fall short of expectations—all without extra work for the property managers.

Get Same-Day Approval with RealPage® Credential Key

In this short video, you’ll find out how easy it is to earn Credential Key status and become the pre-qualified vendor that property managers are looking for. Credential Key participants are companies that meet the limits and policy endorsement requirements of more than 200 property management clients working with RealPage today. This premium feature lets property managers know that you’re a pre-qualified vendor that will likely meet their requirements and be ready to work that same day.

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