Business Analytics for Better Business Decisions

Propertyware provides a variety of business analytics applications, including standard reports, custom reports and dashboards, designed to make business analysis and reporting simple and straightforward.  With access to literally dozens of reports, and the option to generate your own custom reports with custom fields, you can take advantage of our easy-to-use, yet powerful analytics tools to make more informed business decisions.  Reports can be easily shared by email, scheduled for automated delivery or published into your customer portals.  Other useful features include:

  • Changing data views
  • Setting accessibility and security restrictions on a per user basis
  • Generating complete owners’ statements
  • Reviewing income, expenses and bottom-line profitability for each of your owners


Recognize Property Data Trends in Real-Time

Our straightforward dashboards help you better understand your data and recognize critical trends occurring in real-time.  You can perform data trend analysis for month-over-month, year-over-year  or custom date ranges from centralized dashboards viewed from your desktop or mobile device, giving you more flexible property management options.  Integrated reporting tools even make it possible to compare accounting and marketing analytics to give you a more comprehensive view of your entire portfolio’s performance.

Customize Reports to Meet Your Individual Property Management Needs

Imagine receiving real-time data on vacancies, collections, maintenance, marketing and more—virtually every area of your property management business—for a comprehensive view of your business performance.  With Propertyware’s analytics and integrated reporting, you can easily create custom reports for yourself, your staff, your owners and other key stakeholders.  This integrated reporting functionality and flexibility allows you to:

  • Select and integrate data from different displays and data columns
  • Filter data by date range, owners, individual properties or property managers
  • Choose from dozens of animated charts for visual reporting
  • Export data to Adobe PDF, MS Excel or print from your screen

Owner Portal Expedites Report Sharing

With Propertyware, you can forget about tedious preparation of owner reports.  Instead, owners can—at any time, 24/7—pull all of the custom reports and data that you have provided them access to directly from their owner portal.  They can simply log in and gain immediate access to statements and reports on their portfolio or property.  This convenience helps eliminate delays—especially when time is of the essence for making critical business decisions—and enhances communications between owners and management.