Lead Tracking Increases Lead to Lease Conversions

Propertyware has improved marketing and allows us to manage and process leads more effectively. This has helped us streamline sales, fill vacancies faster, and increase owner returns

Michael Sargent, HomeLovers

Every business wants to maximize the effectiveness of its marketing efforts. But how can you know which advertising sources are generating the most qualified tenant and owner leads? What can you do to ensure that your management team follows up with the leads generated by your hard-earned advertising dollars? You need the right tools to answer these types of questions, or you are likely overspending to fill vacancies needed to grow your business.

Propertyware’s Lead Tracking system tracks every single prospect from the moment the lead is generated to the moment the lease is signed. It’s robust enough that it even tracks the lead source’s origin—whether from the Web, a phone call or a property visit. Propertyware then offers a variety of conversion tools to help you turn those leads into leases including:

  • Customizable online lead capture forms
  • Guest card information
  • Integrated lead source tracking
  • Prospect ratings
  • One-click conversion to Lease or Portfolio
  • Dozens of customizable reports and dashboards

Empowered Prospect Tracking
and Relationship Building

With Propertyware, not only can you automatically track all of your leads and their sources, you can also create various prospect types and then manage each interaction to secure more business. For example, you’d be surprised at how effective acknowledging a birthday or special life event can be in distinguishing you from the competition. Never miss an important detail again.

Real-Time Lead Tracking Improves Visibility
and Success

Propertyware automatically integrates call tracking phone numbers with the relevant advertisement, routes inbound calls to the correct person and automatically creates a prospect record for easy follow-up.  It’s simple to use, helps you hold your team accountable and solves the challenge of tracking the phone leads generated by your various advertising sources.

One of the most useful features that comes with Propertyware Lead Tracking is the real-time functionality. This enables you to follow the life-cycle of your leads as they develop, enabling you to pinpoint when a lead or prospect does not convert. This real-time analysis helps you determine what factors led to a prospect’s failure to complete a lease agreement. With this information, you’ll be better equipped to mitigate future conversion drops.

Sync Prospect Scheduling

Propertyware makes managing your time and calendar a breeze.  Property visits are often your best opportunity to convert a lead to a signed lease. So don’t let prospects go cold while they wait on you to locate and shuffle through your schedule. With advanced mobile tools from Propertyware, you’ll receive real-time alerts from prospects who want to schedule a visit. You can automatically sync your calendar from Google Calendar™ or Microsoft Outlook™, ensuring that you’re ready when they are.