Find Better Qualified Tenants

Identifying and selecting the perfect tenant for profitable occupancy has never been easier! Propertyware’s Tenant Screening Powered by LeasingDesk allows you to capture applications online, accept application fees electronically and screen prospects in real-time in an easy-to-read comprehensive report.

Harness the Power of LeasingDesk Screening

Tenant Screening is a robust, web-based solution that provides a complete picture of a prospective tenant that is:

  • Credible– building industry-recognized screening solutions for more than a decade
  • Comprehensive– industry’s largest online criminal and sex offender database
  • Customizable- tailor the solution to fit the decision criteria that is unique to your business.
  • Powerful- Rental Payment History for over 20 million tenants available in the LeasingDesk database.

Customize Online Tenant Application Forms

The days of faxed tenant applications and double data entry in multiple systems are over! Your leasing office is now open 24/7. Let your prospective renters apply online anytime, anywhere. Customize your online application form to meet the unique needs of your business and collect your application fees electronically.

Configure Your Decision Criteria

Tenant Screening uses your company’s applicant approval criteria and automatically analyzes an applicant’s credit, criminal, eviction and rental history to make a recommendation. The decision criteria can be customized to meet the needs of each property or market. Determine the risk profile, set the standards for acceptance and control which users have access to screen prospective renters.

Integrate Tenant Screening with Propertyware

All applicant data is stored securely within the Propertyware Prospect record, including background search results and decisions, so you never have to enter the same data twice.

Stay in Compliance with Fair Housing

User-defined decision logic and enforcement will ensure that your organization is adhering to standard decision criteria which is vital to Fair Housing compliance. Applicant specific Adverse Action Letters help you comply with Federal law and audit trails help you document compliance.