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Track Maintenance 24/7 With Online Property Management

Track Maintenance 24/7 With Online Property Management

It’s 2 am: do you know what the status of your rental renovation is right now? Things like this can keep property management professionals up at night, and sometimes they need to access information about a project after hours. After all, that’s when most of your tenants are home, and it’s when many emergency calls are made. (more…)

4 Affordable Ways to Boost Property Curb Appeal


Curb appeal is universal. Whether or not a home is for sale, you know it’s a looker when cars drive by more slowly than usual, when fingers point at the gorgeous antique windows along with nods of agreement, or when the occasional pedestrian might stop to take a good long look. The character of a home’s exterior can say a lot, and this tool is especially helpful when it is on the market. However, don’t be mistaken by thinking that curb appeal is an expensive renovation or brand new siding. Curb appeal shows when a place is taken care of and has a little extra something that shows it’s not just someone’s house but a home. (more…)

Property Management Software Keeps Your Cash Flow Budget on Track

Property Management Software Keeps Your Cash Flow Budget on Track

Times are tight, but do they need to be that way? If you’re having troubles with your monthly cash flow or if you’d like to prevent these troubles from occurring, you need an excellent tracking system that will allow you to add data and generate financial reports and forecasts. Property management software can help you tame your cash flow budget and keep it on track. (more…)

Use Social Media to Get More Traffic to Your Property Management Website

Property management website

Is your website sociable, or is it a recluse? When you’re developing your property management website, you need to use social media to get the word out about your content and your business. These techniques will help you use social media to get more traffic to come to your property management website. (more…)

How Lead Tracking Can Increase the Success of Your Rental Property Management Business

rental property management

Who are your tenants? When you’re looking for leads, you need to understand your tenants, their needs, and how they find your rental property management business. You have many different interactions with tenants, and these can be difficult to track. Focus on achieving your business goals with lead tracking tools that increase the success of your rental property management. (more…)

Labor-Saving Property Inspection Technique: Simplify Rental Property Management

Labor-Saving Property Inspection Technique

When you work in rental property management, you need to understand what’s happening at all of your properties, both with your tenants and with your buildings. Managing rental properties is a huge job, and the time and expense of ongoing property inspections and follow up maintenance can seem wearing. Property Casualty sums up the typical feelings about inspections, stating that “property inspection is stressful, complicated and can be downright miserable.” However, inspections are essential if you’re going to keep your property management running smoothly. How can you keep inspections from feeling onerous and ensure that property maintenance stays on track? (more…)

Thought Leader Series: Former Tenants Leave Junk Behind? Here’s How to Properly Dispose of It

Former Tenants Leave Junk Behind? Here's How to Properly Dispose of It

It’s the end of the month, and people are on the move. Literally. In a 2010 study by the PEW Institute, it was discovered that 12% of Americans moved from one place to another during the year, and since then, after mass housing and economic changes, higher numbers are moving again. (more…)

4 Reasons Landlords Should Welcome Wireless Home Security Systems


When a tenant asks to install a security system, your first instinct is probably a firm “no way!”  Old-style wired systems tear up the walls and many require a multi-year contract. But look at it from the tenant’s perspective.  Burglary accounts for almost a quarter of all property crimes in the US each year and rental properties often have higher crime rates than owner-occupied units. Landlords can be held liable for crimes against their tenants, so a security system can help protect you as well. <!–more> (more…)

How to Optimize Your Website for Renters

property management website

It’s a wide world out there on the web. How can you make sure that your property management website gets noticed? Search Engine Watch says that SEO is the first layer of your website, the one that brings people to your site in the first place. (more…)

Should Your Rental Property Management Business Invest in SEO?

Should Your Rental Property Management Business Invest in SEO

Is SEO the way to go? When you’re involved in rental property management, you need to ensure that prospective tenants and owners can find your website and connect with your company instead of the competition. To gain recognition and get found online, you need to have a website that’s optimized for search engines. And if you’re new to the world of SEO, how do you begin? (more…)

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