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4 Ways Property Management Software Can Reduce Late Rent Payments

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Late rent payments are an inevitable part of our business, and one of the more uncomfortable to deal with. Slow payment impacts cash flow, and chasing rent down wastes your valuable time. But property management software can help you greatly reduce the frequency of sluggish payments. (more…)

Science-Based Irrigation Made Easy for Property Management

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Free service enables property management companies to water lawns more efficiently

Getting the maximum benefit from home irrigation systems through evapotranspiration technology (ET) or “smart irrigation”  is getting easier. Texas A&M established the AgriLife Extension, a website that aims to help homeowners prevent overwatering without the need for a high-cost ET system. (more…)

Critical Renter Moments: Improving Tenant Retention with Screening and Leasing

tenant retention

You’ve done all the right things to attract a good prospect and bring them to a leasing decision. But somehow, they drift away before signing on the dotted line. It happens to everyone, sometimes for reasons that can’t be avoided. But on certain occasions, the lease could have been saved if things had been done a bit differently. Let’s look at some key ways to improve tenant retention: (more…)

Saving Untold Hours with Property Inspection Software

property inspection software

Cutting costs doesn’t have to mean compromising. The right technology should help you do the things you already do better, while also saving you time. Inspections provide a perfect example. In fact, today’s property inspection software makes you wonder how you ever handled inspections before. (more…)

The 7 Deadly Sins of Property Management

The property management business is littered with landmines. They can involve tenants, owners, neighbors, service people, housing authorities or a combination of these. And they can range from a bad online review to an expensive lawsuit. But keep an eye on these seven common problems to keep your troubles to a minimum. (more…)

Holding On To Quality Rental Property Tenants

rental property tenants

Attracting the right rental property tenants is key. But once great renters have moved in, how do you turn that attraction into long-term tenant retention? (more…)

How to Manage Relationships with Rental Property Maintenance Providers

With the possible exception of keeping properties leased, nothing occupies more space in your mind than rental property maintenance. And how you manage it often makes the difference between contented tenants and constant complainers, between praising your team and yelling at them. The good news is that you can avoid most of the hassles and headaches by simply taking full advantage of your property management software. (more…)

How Property Managers Can Improve Business Relationships Using Software Tools

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Property management is a “people” business. The better their relationships are with owners, tenants and vendors, the more successful and smooth life is for property managers.

But fostering good relationships doesn’t depend wholly on a sunny personality. In addition to making you more efficient, today’s software tools deliver benefits that directly impact how you get along with the people you interact with each day.

Here are some of the ways they do this. (more…)

3 Incentives to Improve Tenant Retention

tenant retention

Are your rental strategies attracting and retaining tenants, or driving them away? Learn how to attract new tenants and improve tenant retention by implementing these three savvy rental property management strategies: (more…)

New Propertyware Leader Puts Focus on “Improving What We’ve Got.”

Experienced property manager and Propertyware user James Wagley steps in promising to “make the products and services already in place better before we add anything new.” (more…)


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