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4 Key Elements of Marketing Your Rental Property Management Business

Marketing Your Rental Property Management Business

To be successful in the rental property management industry, a diverse array of skills are needed. You must be able to work with tenants, owners, and contractors to ensure your properties are well-maintained and your tenants and owners can communicate their needs and problems to you. You also need a foundation in marketing to understand your audience and forge ahead into new markets. According to the Hubspot blog, marketers need rich data to understand the performance of their marketing campaigns. Marketing tools for rental property management make it easier for you to understand your data as well as your audience. (more…)

5 Strategies to Streamline Online Property Management Success

streamline your online property management success

For your business to thrive, you need to streamline your online strategies. According to The Globe and Mail, business must make an “intelligent and strategic effort” to focus on honing their web presence and online systems. Today’s businesses use web portals to conduct much of their work, from internal management processes to advertising and vetting tenants. These tips will help your business fine-tune your online property management practices. (more…)

6 Top Tips When Hiring Staff for Your Rental Property Management Business

hiring a new employee

Hiring a new employee can feel like a first date: everyone’s nervous and trying to make a good first impression, and no one really knows what the future holds. You can’t always hire the perfect person, and as Forbes notes, employee recruitment is about managing stress, as you can’t please everybody in your organization. How can you make sure that you make the right hiring decisions to support your single family business? (more…)

5 Business Elements Your Rental Property Management Company Should Assess Now

Make sure that you keep key systems, policies, and equipment up to date.

What are your business assets? Of course, talented and reliable employees are some of the most important assets, but you have other structures and equipment that are essential to the proper functioning of your business. You need to take a look at these business assets, determine how healthy they are, and see if they are serving your business well. (more…)

The Two Hour Rule to Keeping [Happy] Tenants


Maintenance issues only happen during business hours, right? If only this were the case. For property management professionals, it’s important not to keep tenants waiting when they have maintenance issues – even when they arise at the worst possible times. (more…)

What’s New with Propertyware: Where We Went in Fall 2015

New York City

October and November both have been whirlwind months for the Propertyware team. We loved seeing old friends and forming new connections across the country. Here are some highlights from the past 6 weeks so you can relive the excitement or find out what you missed: (more…)

6 Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Rent Your Property

Marketing Strategies That Will Help You Rent Your Property

Do your property management systems include a proactive marketing strategy? Your marketing should be much more than a “for rent” sign on the street corner. By taking your marketing online and into the communities where you work, you can use a wide array of strategies to rent your property. (more…)

How to Stay Connected With Property Management Software

How to Stay Connected With Property Management Software

Are you and your tenants, owners, and vendors really connected? While cultivating interpersonal connections may not seem like a pressing item on your to-do list, you need to maintain relationships just as you maintain your properties. With property management software, you can ensure that you have satisfied tenants, owners, and vendors who will stay with your company for many years to come. Here’s how to stay connected. (more…)

7 Rental Property Management Accounting Tips and Tricks

Rental property management

Managing rental properties goes far beyond repairing leaky taps or finding new renters. You need to manage your finances well when you’re involved in the complex business of rental property management. And for this to happen, it’s important to maintain accounting processes that support your business development. (more…)

How Rental Property Software Helps in Processing Security Deposits

while property management is about working with properties and people, managing property involves a lot more paperwork than many people think

While property management is about working with properties and people, managing property involves a lot more paperwork than some think. It takes time and effort to help your properties run smoothly. Processing security deposits is one area where you can’t afford to make a mistake. How can you ensure that you effectively keep track of your tenants’ security deposits? (more…)

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