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Successful User Huddle Continues to Engage Customers

User Huddle

Long after the first-ever User Huddle concluded at this year’s RealWorld in San Diego, users are still abuzz with talk about the new upgrades to Propertyware. For the first time ever, Propertyware invited customers to huddle in person with the developers, designers and marketers behind the web-based property management software and collaborate on the product roadmap. (more…)

Supporting Single Family Growth: CrestCore Realty Profile

CrestCore Realty, LLC

As with many property management companies, the home leasing boom in recent years has been good for CrestCore Realty, LLC. Each month, the Memphis-based owner and third-party manager sequences through several dozen properties, either turning existing inventory or making new acquisitions in need of rehabbing.


How to Make Prospective Renters Fall In Love With Properties Online

Rental property

Have you ever been somewhere that felt like home–made you feel comfortable, like you’ve always belonged there, but couldn’t explain why? Many of us have experienced this from time to time, sometimes even when looking for a place to live the feeling is there–letting us know that we’re in “THE” place to call home the moment we walk in the door.


How and Why to Encourage Tenants to Make Online Rental Payments

Online rental payments

As a property manager, you need to have tenants who pay you accurately and on time. When you implement an online rental payment system, you make payment easier for your tenants. Today, digital payments are common, and people are more likely to be willing to pay their bills and their rent online. For your business, this means that you’ll be paid quicker and the entire process will be easier for you and your tenants. (more…)

7 Blogging Tips for Your Property Management Sites

Blogging Tips for Your Property Management Sites

Quality content and blog articles on your property mangement website is critical to building a connection between you and your readers and driving traffic to your website. With your blog posts you can dispense useful pieces of information to your current and prospective tenants which will help establish yourself as an authority in your field. Here’s how to shape the content of your property management blog. (more…)

5 Ways Property Management Software Can Make Your Business More Efficient & Cost-Effective

property management software can make your business more cost-effective

As you develop your business, you’re striving for success. Whether success means excellent tenants, a bustling balance sheet, or stellar employees, it can have similar underpinnings. You need to create the systems within your business that allow you to become more efficient. With property management software, you can build those systems and help your business grow. (more…)

Are You Making These 5 Rental Property Management Mistakes?

property management mistakes can cause headache

Rental property management isn’t always easy, but you can make it easier on your business by adopting best practices in your field. As a property manager, you need to ensure that your employees, your contractors, your tenants, and your properties all work well together. Avoid these five property management mistakes, and you’ll put your business on the road to success. (more…)

What’s Hot: Tankless Water Heaters for Rental Housing

tankless water heater

Property owners who could be pinched by new regulations for gas and electric water heater tanks may be able to offer a hot new amenity to residents. (more…)

Tips for Using Rebates to Upgrade Properties

money lightbulb

Money that’s available to offset costs of energy-saving upgrades for homes is getting more plentiful, plus it’s easier to find.


New Technology to Control Kitchen Fires


Technology to combat kitchen fires on the way to becoming standard on electric stovetops

Home sensory technology that can tell a resident it’s time to get a new carton of milk is chalking up one for property owners in the form of kitchen fire prevention. (more…)

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