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Chris Karp: A Man on a Mission to Give You “the Best Support You’ve Ever Experienced”

As head of global Propertyware support, Chris Karp is overseeing a multi-part plan to radically improve the single family customer experience.

Chris Karp’s place at the helm of Propertyware global support puts him in a prime position to influence the customer experience. And as the company moves to dramatically improve its support, he’s the point man on an ambitious multi-pronged plan. (more…)

Four Ways to Master Move Ins and Move Outs

turnover season

It may be the return of warm weather or the greater freedom allowed by the end of the school year that makes this the time of year when rental properties are in the highest demand. If you’ve been in property management for even a little while, you know turnover season is here.

According to Real Property Management, the average cost of a rental property turnover is equal to three months’ rent. Streamlining your turnover process can make a huge difference in losses or gains during this busy time of the year. Consider these four tips for making the process less painful: (more…)

Five Steps to Improved Renter Retention

renter retention

Though time-consuming, finding tenants for your property owners is of paramount importance. You need to prioritize key selling points to garner quality leads and then deliver with a positive living experience in order to maintain tenants and reduce turnover.

According to Invesp’s Khalid Saleh in an article entitled, “Customer Acquisition Versus Retention Costs,” attracting a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Additionally, the article indicates that 44 percent of companies focus more on customer acquisition versus 18 percent that focus on retention.

The following five tips aim to strengthen renter retention. (more…)

A Smooth Move Out Starts With a Well-Planned Move In

Thinking about a tenant’s move-out process before they even move in may feel like putting the cart before the horse, but property owners and managers should use the pre-lease interactions with a prospect to clarify aspects covering the entire life of the lease. Smart planning and precautionary measures now will help contribute to an easier – and cheaper – transition at the end of the tenancy. (more…)

Four Communication Tips to Make You a More Successful Property Manager

property manager

From online correspondence with tenants and owners to in-person meetings with vendors and staff, streamlining communication will save you significant time and hassle as a property manager.

Use these four tips to support more effective communication for your property management business: (more…)

How to Turn Your Garage Into a Valuable Rental Feature

rental feature

To most people, a garage is a place to keep your cars and store the things you can’t fit inside the house. For open-minded property managers, however, the garage has the potential to be an attractive rental feature.

With a little time and effort, you can convert your rental garage into another room, opening up possibilities without knocking down walls or building onto the home: “Although costs will vary according to your location and specific plans, garage remodeling will generally cost about half of what you’d spend having an addition built from scratch,” explains to Budget Dumpster.

Attract more tenants by taking your garage space to the next level. Keep these tips in mind as you get started. (more…)

Three Zillow Rental Listing Tips for Property Managers

zillow rental listing

At any given time, your rental property may face hundreds of competitors in an increasingly aggressive, online medium. If your property is located in a popular neighborhood or you list at a peak time, the competition only grows. Zillow Rental Manager alleviates much of this difficulty by expediting the online marketing process. Follow these zillow rental listing tips to stay ahead of the crowd. (more…)

How Instagram Can Help Attract More Rental Property Leads

attract more rental property leads

We live in such a visual world, it is easy to see why a platform like Instagram would be growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. While other social media platforms, such as Twitter, can be a great way to engage current tenants, it is challenging to use 140 characters to attract more rental property leads. Most of us, especially the younger millennial generation, find photos and videos much more enticing when looking for a new home. (more…)

Five Rental Property To-Do’s Before Posting a Listing

rental property

Renter turnover and the prospect of attracting the best possible tenants can be stressful to both property owners and property managers. Here are five tips to consider before you list your rental property. (more…)

Six Types of Problem Tenants – and How to Deal With Them

problem tenants

In property management, problem tenants are an unpleasant but sometimes inevitable part of life. While a strong tenant screening  solution helps to sift out bad applicants and protect your business, some troublemakers will still find their way to your properties. Someone who screening shows to have always been a reliable rent payer might hit hard times and begin paying late. A despondent tenant might decide the right therapy is to paint the walls neon pink and get a pet potbelly pig. And no screening system yet can detect the chronic complainers who will drive you insane with their demands. (more…)


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