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3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Attract New Property Owners

property owners

“First and foremost, a professional property management company should have a solid reputation,” says RealtorMag.
Does your property management company stand out from the crowd? Build your reputation in your community to gain new property owners.

How Rental Property Owner Satisfaction Impacts Profit

As a property manager, your goal is to bring more of rental homes into your management portfolio. In this article, we’ll share how to make your owners happy and get them talking about the superior service your business provides. (more…)

3 Ways to Keep Rental Property Owners Happy


There are already 22.6 million landlords in the US, and every day there are 544 new ones*. As a property management company, what’s the secret to managing this business relationship, and why is it important?

Property Managers: 5 Ways to Connect with Property Owners

Property Managers 5 Ways to Connect with Property Owners

As a property manager, your primary focus is managing owners’ assets. Developing relationships with owners sets your business up for long-term success and allows you to establish a strong company reputation. Here are five ways to reach out to property owners in your community: (more…)

Growing Your Property Management Business: Attracting Real Estate Investors and Property Owners

Attracting Real Estate Investors and Property Owners

Do you know how to catch an owner’s eye? When you’re attracting real estate investors and property owners, you need to have a solid marketing plan. These investors and owners are the basis of your business, and they need to know about the value and reputation of your property management business. You can use advertisements to draw in owners and investors and enhance your property management marketing. (more…)

Growing Your Property Management Business: From Attracting Property Owners to Documenting Processes

from attracting property owners to documenting processes

Growth: it’s the desire and goal of any successful business owner, and it’s what your property management business strives to achieve. But is your growth sustainable in the long term? To develop a solid and reputable property management company, start with a deeper understanding of how your business works. (more…)

4 Ways Your Property Management Business Can Provide Better Service to Property Owners and Tenants

How do great property management companies become great? They provide customer service that’s a huge step above the rest. By being the best property management company for your tenants, owners, and yes, even your contractors, you can develop a strong reputation and continue to rise above the competition. Here’s how you can improve your service day by day. (more…)

Property Owners: Recommendations for Winter-Proofing Homes from Pests

Image of mouse in kitchen eating bread

Just like we do, pests seek warmth and shelter when the temperatures turn cold. The winter months are some of the most active for household pests like rats and mice to invade homes. (more…)

Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention: What Property Owners & Landlords Need to Know

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designated October 20-26, 2013, as National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week to build awareness about the dangers of lead poisoning. Property owners will want to take note, because a common source of lead poisoning is from lead-based paints, which were used on or in many of the nation’s older homes and apartments that today are players in the rental market. (more…)


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