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Growing Your Property Management Business: Attracting Real Estate Investors and Property Owners

Growing Your Property Management Business: Attracting Real Estate Investors and Property Owners

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Do you know how to catch an owner's eye? When you're attracting real estate investors and property owners, you need to have a solid marketing plan. These investors and owners are the basis of your business, and they need to know about the value and reputation of your property management business. You can use advertisements to draw in owners and investors and enhance your property management marketing.

Know Your Target Audience

Before you begin to advertise, you need to be aware of your target audience. According to Zillow, advertising is not just about the means you use, it's about the target you choose: "however you decide to market yourself, you will have more success once your target market is defined." Consider how to target your audience geographically, and think about the different groups within your audience. For example, you might market yourself to new property owners or to seasoned real estate investors who are tired of managing multiple properties. Who you choose will help determine your advertising message.

Outbound and Online

When you're starting out online or initiating a new web-based campaign, you can use a combination of outbound and inbound advertising to target owners and investors and draw them into your business. Google Adwords are targeted towards specific search phrases that owners might use to find your business. These may be location-specific or focus on certain services that a property management business provides. Pay special attention to how people find your business and develop both ad campaigns and website SEO that's focused on these keywords. Facebook ads can also allow you to target people on their social media accounts. They allow you to choose the demographic, interests, behaviors, location, and contacts of your target audience so that you can hone in on a specific group of property owners.

Attracting Real Estate Investors and Property Owners
Watch your statistics trend upward when you pair web advertising with high impact landing pages.

Develop Your Web Presence

When your prospective owners and investors click on your advertising, where do they go? Make sure that your overall web presence is there to underpin your advertising campaigns. From high impact blog posts that draw in readers to landing pages that are targeted to a specific group that's interested in your advertising campaign, you need to make your website a reputable and welcoming place for your readers. Use landing pages and a well-structured site to move those who'd like to partner with your business through your sales funnel. Offer free learning resources such as ebooks and webinars to build rapport and educate potential owners on the value that your business can bring.

Get Social

Your own social media and blog posts should complement your outbound advertising as well. With the Google Adwords and Facebook advertising campaigns you've created, develop parallel blog posts, social media infographics, photos, and short posts that send people back to your website. Your blog and social media accounts can work in tandem with your outbound advertising and website landing pages to provide a thorough and consistent message to real estate investors and property owners. For example, Hootsuite suggests using "free social media to beta-test your paid social ads" so that you know that they'll generate interest and clicks before you pay for them.

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