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4 Areas Where You Can Reduce Risk in Rental Property Management

4 Areas Where You Can Reduce Risk in Rental Property Management

Do you want to know how to grow your rental property portfolio by more than 50%?

An integrated risk-reducing solution can help you mitigate risk and bring your budget under control. Screening, paper leases, missed calls and maintenance issues are all risk creators and budget blowers that can hinder portfolio growth:

1. Prospect leads: Tenant screening allows you to accept applications in real-time, screen prospects and process application fees online. It also helps with current state laws regarding the leasing process. Propertyware's software application is fully customizable and integrated and keeps your properties up to date with affordable, scalable software. Packing a variety of customized data in easy-to-read reports helps property owners find their ideal tenants.

2. Paper leases: Paper is bulky, expensive and time consuming. Avoid the hassle of paper leases with integrated lease software featuring DocuSign. Use electronic record keeping to provide consistency and lower the risks of working with paper, i.e. security breeches, lost pages, and time issues.

3. Missed calls: Missed calls equal missed revenue. With a dedicated contact center, you can lower your likelihood of missing important communication with tenants. Live agents can answer calls and emails during and after business hours regarding maintenance issues and more. This will allow your staff to focus on growing the business instead of answering calls.

4. Messy maintenance: Best in class maintenance software is streamlined, time efficient and customizable for large or small projects. With a mobile app, you can streamline communication and create one work order for multiple vendors, provide faster service, standardize maintenance, integrate invoicing, capture real-time inspection pictures and document communication—from service requests to completion of leases.

Propertyware's James Wagley and Charles Riska have talked more about how you can reduce risk immediately. Watch the webcast here.

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