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How Rental Property Owner Satisfaction Impacts Profit

How Rental Property Owner Satisfaction Impacts Profit

This article is #2 of a 7 part series . For additional suggestions checkout the rest of the Keeping Rental Property Owners Happy series.

As a property manager, your goal is to bring more of rental homes into your management portfolio. In this article, we'll share how to make your owners happy and get them talking about the superior service your business provides.

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Managing Property Management Accounting

Property owners trust you to rent their property to responsible tenants and to stay on top of the accounting so that rental payments are received in a timely manner. Set up an owner portal so your property owners can see what tenants owe and when the next payment is coming. Keep track of changes that you make to the property and discuss any extra bills with owners before you start on a large repair project.

Keep a Tight Maintenance Schedule

Owners have purchased properties as an investment, and they want to know that their investment is in good condition. Keep your owners' investments in excellent shape by undertaking a regular inspection, repair, and maintenance program. From maintenance that keeps tenants happy to repairs that reduce owners' liability, you need to stay on top of your repair and maintenance regime and let owners know when you need to conduct repairs to preserve the value of a property and make it safe.

Make Move Ins and Move Outs Seamless

One of the more challenging aspects of being a property owner is managing tenant screening and the move-in, move-out process. A lot has to happen in a short time, from property inspections and discussion of the damage deposit to finding high-quality new tenants. Property owners will be relieved when you handle this promptly and well, communicating with them when you have their new tenants secured.

Keep Your Rental Property Owners Happy

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Your customers expect convenient tools that allow them to communicate with management staff when they have questions. Don't risk losing important communications in your email inbox or on hand written notes. Owner Portals allow your owners to communicate with your management staff from one centralized location that's available to them from any web browser or Internet enabled smart phone.

Give owners visibility into the performance of their investment properties by allowing them to view real-time reports from their Owner Portal. Propertyware will even automatically notify your owners via email when funds have been added to their account or when changes occur, such as tenants who have given notice. Both owners and management staff will automatically be notified via email when new comments are added to a conversation stream. More importantly, all these records and conversations are automatically stored on the owner's portfolio for future reference.

Ready to Increase Satisfaction Using Owner Portals?

As you develop a website that's friendly to property owners, contact Propertyware. Our owner portals allow you to communicate effectively with property owners, leading to greater owner satisfaction and ultimately your profit.

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