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The Cure for Property Management Zombies

The Cure for Property Management Zombies

"...nearly half of adults (46 percent) report lying awake at night due to stress," according to the American Psychological Association. Is rental property management turning you into a stressed-out zombie?

Why Zombies Make Terrible Property Managers

1. They lack vitality. Zombies have a hard time innovating and finding creative solutions to problems.

2. They're poor communicators. Without a strong communication system and protocol, your zombie property managers are reduced to sending ineffective emails and making phone calls that go unreturned.

3. They're unfriendly. Tired, stressed-out property managers can't connect with people in an effective way, causing owners and tenants to run the other way in fear.

4. They're constantly in a state of decay. With zombie managers, operations get a little less effective every day. Tasks are dropping off them with regularity, just like their limbs.


Signs You are Turning Into a Property Management Zombie

The more responsibility you have, the harder it can be to fulfill your job description. As a property manager, it's easy to feel like you're moving more and more slowly. You start to lose your communication skills and you shuffle along in your tasks. How does this process begin?

You need to keep properties full, but existing tenants leave unexpectedly and you need to find new tenants as soon as possible. You need to make sure that properties are in good condition, but tenants leave a massive mess behind, and you need to troubleshoot the cleanup. You need to keep cash flow moving, but the tenants are late on their rent again, and you must decide whether to start eviction procedures or continue to chase those tenants down.

Property managers become the masters of problem-solving, struggling through these and many other troubles daily. This frustration takes a tool on property managers.

How Property Management Staff Can Reduce Stress

When you're overwhelmed, it's easy to burn out and turn into a muttering, groaning shadow of your former self. According to the Mayo Clinic,

"an inability to influence decisions that affect your job - such as your schedule, assignments or workload - could lead to job burnout. So could a lack of the resources you need to do your work."

With property management software, property managers have the power to make change. Property management software can help you manage your business more efficiently, giving property managers control over data management and communications.

  • Organize owner and tenant communications with simple owner and tenant portals. These portals provide answers to frequently asked questions, give financial information, and allow you to track communication with owners and tenants
  • Add a contact center to manage after-hours calls, so that property managers don't need to be available 24/7
  • Organize work orders online, and see accounts payable so that you know that your invoices are getting paid
  • Keep track of property inspections and make it easier to document needed repairs on site with a mobile property inspection app

The right solution can help you make your daily shuffle of data more efficient and revitalize dreary tasks. It also empowers property managers to take control of property and tenant data and communications.

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